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STARFLEET Communiqué Submission Guidelines:

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Submission Deadlines:

CQ #190 (1st Quarter 2017): 15 March 2017
CQ #191 (2nd Quarter 2017): 15 June 2017
CQ #192 (3rd Quarter 2017): 15 September  2017
CQ #193 (4th Quarter 2017): 15 December 2017


What We’re Looking For:

The quarterly newsletter for STARFLEET, the Communiqué welcomes printable submissions from any member of our club. Among the items most frequently submitted are:

  • Articles about chapter, regional or fleet events
  • Articles about some aspect of Star Trek or science fiction
  • Articles about opportunities and/or resources for STARFLEET members and Star Trek fans in general.
  • Articles about important issues for our fan organization.
  • Reviews on Star Trek and Star Trek-related media (fan films, fanfics, soundtracks, video games, etc).
  • Opinion or regular Columns on life in STARFLEET.
  • Photographs of chapter, regional or fleet events–including members, activities and items of interest.
  • Photographs of famous Star Trek and/or science fiction celebrities.
  • Original drawings, cartoons, schematics or other printable artwork.
  • Other fun Star Trek or sci-fi items–such as short stories, poems or recipes.

Please limit any written submissions to 5,000 words or fewer, unless you have first requested permission from the Chief of Communications for a longer submission.


How to Submit Your Article:


Via e-Mail:


Submission deadlines are usually printed in previous issues of the Communiqué and posted to the various STARFLEET chat lists. However, if you are ever curious when the next submission deadline will be, feel free to contact the Chief of Communications. Please note, the earlier a submission is received, the more likely it is to be included in the upcoming issue instead of having to wait until a later issue is published.


Format of Submissions:

For submissions sent via e-mail, please send all written articles in Microsoft Word .doc format. Make sure the document contains only text. Do NOT embed photos or other images inside of Word documents. Send images separately.

Images should be sent as jpeg files with no compression (or the highest quality jpeg setting). Photos and artwork should also be saved at the highest possible resolution. Photos that are less than 800 pixels wide or tall will likely look bad when printed.

In certain cases, pdf and xls files can be sent as submissions, but please check with the Chief of Communications before sending a submission in either of these formats.

Please proof-read your written submissions carefully before sending them. Use a spell-checker, and if possible, read the submission out loud to make certain all of your sentences are clear and make sense. Submissions do not have to be completely free of typos, but the editorial team prefers to have to do minimal corrections of articles, if possible.


What You Need To Include:

All photos that you submit should include a separate text file containing captions. Do NOT rely on file names for your captions; file names are usually changed and simplified during production and lost once photos are placed into page layouts.

Photo captions should include the names of all people pictured (if available) and preferably their chapter name, as well. Also, PLEASE include the name of the photographer, even if you are the photographer and are also submitting the photo.

For the author, please include as many of the following as you can:

  • Author’s full name
  • Author’s rank and position in their chapter
  • That chapter’s name, NCC number, home state (or country, if not U.S), and region
  • That chapter’s logo (if available)
  • A head shot photo of the author (if available)
  • A brief list of some of the author’s best achievements in STARFLEET


What To Avoid:

  • The Communiqué is read by a wide and diverse audience around the world, including people of different ages, genders, religious and political beliefs. Please write in a professional manner using language that would be appropriate for the widest possible audience.
  • Photos or artwork that might be of questionable taste runs the risk of not being accepted for publication. The  Communiqué  editorial team errs on the side of caution in most decisions of what to publish. If you push the envelope, do not be surprised if your submission does not make it into the publication.
  • Try to avoid talk of politics (either inside of or outside of STARFLEET), and talk of religion. Informal spiritual references are acceptable, but remember that IDIC allows for a wide diversity of beliefs, and we want to respect and be open-minded about all cultural perspectives.
  • No personal attacks against any individual, either inside or outside of the STARFLEET organization.


And Finally…

  • Please submit ONLY YOUR OWN WORK. Or if you are submitting on behalf of another person, be certain he or she is credited as the author and has given permission for the submission and publication of his or her work. Do not violate another’s copyright or plagiarize another’s work.
  • Please try to carefully proof-read any text submission. However, be aware that we reserve the write to make editorial changes to any submission to correct typos, clarify meaning, and in some rare cases, to shorten length. Every effort will be made to keep the integrity of the original submission, but understand that changes may likely be made before the final publication.
  • That said, we make mistakes, too. We apologize in advance if we misspell your name or the name of someone in one of your photos or articles. We strive to be perfect, but we don’t always make it. The most important thing for all of us when it comes to the STARFLEET Communiqué and our overall organization is to enjoy Star Trek and have fun.