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Staff – Communications

STARFLEET Communications

The primary task for the Communications Department is keeping the general membership informed about Fleet happenings. While publication and distribution of the quarterly newsletter, the Communique, is the most recognized project of Communications, it is only a part of what Communications oversees. From websites to social media presence, the Communications department is responsible for getting information out.

Chief Communications Officer

Denine Sanders

E-mail Address:


1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x704

NOTE: ALL CQ-related emails should go to

Communique Submission Guidelines 


Vice Chief Communications Officer

Matthew Miller

E-mail Address:

Communiqué  Layout Editor

Chelle Westfall

E-mail Address:


Region Correspondents 

Contact your RC or to apply

R01: Vacant

R02: Vacant

R03: Vacant

R04: Vacant

R05: Vacant

R06: Vacant

R07: Bob Vosseller

R08: Vacant

R09: Vacant

R10: Vacant

R11: Vacant

R12: John “Sparky” Bevan

R13: Vacant

R15: Vacant

R17: Vacant

R20: Anni “Zig” Potts



SFI Discussion List (sfi-l) Moderators

Denine Sanders

Matthew Miller

Jamie Delantonas

Email Address:

Subscribe to the list at:


Facebook Admins

Denine Sanders

Matthew Miller

Laura Victor

Will Devine

Dave Blaser

Ariel Vitali

Greg Mortensen

E-mail Address:

Director, Public Relations

Not currently in use.

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