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Commander, STARFLEET

The Commander, STARFLEET (CS) serves as the corporate President of STARFLEET and chairman of the Admiralty Board, which is the corporate Board of Directors. The CS is responsible for the overall administration and supervision of the Fleet, as well as representing the Fleet in an official capacity to other organizations and the general public. The Office of the Commander, STARFLEET includes the following departments:
  • Member Recognition
  • Inspector General
  • Judge Advocate
  • Historian
  • IC Liaison

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Office of the VCS

The Vice-Commander, STARFLEET (VCS) is the second in command of STARFLEET and serves as the organization's Vice-President.  The VCS is responsible for assuming the responsibilities of the Commander, STARFLEET in their absence, and for representing the CS to the members of the association, other organizations, and the general public.

The Departments in the office of the VCS are primarily concerned with providing customer service support and designing programs to enhance the STARFLEET experience in a positive way to the membership.  The Office of the VCS includes the following departments:
  • STARFLEET Marine Corps
  • Membership Processing
  • Member Services
  • STARFLEET Annual Campaign
  • Petfleet

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The Chief of Operations is responsible for the overall smooth operation of the Regions and Chapters of the Fleet. The Chief of Operations collects reports from all Regional Coordinators and Chapter Commanding Officers. Operations is also responsible for the commissioning and decommissioning of chapters and assisting members and chapters with operational programs. The Operations department also overseas Shakedown Operations, as well as generating the Vessel Registry. In addition, the Operations department also oversees the Recruitment and Retention Department, as well as the Alumni Outreach Program. The Office of the VCS includes the following departments:
  • Shakedown Operations
  • Correspondence Chapters Operations

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cqcommCommunications is the information hub of STARFLEET.  Its main task is publishing the Communiqué, STARFLEET's quarterly printed official publication.  Submissions to the Communiqué come from STARFLEET members, and can be sent to

Communications also oversees the Communiqué Online, STARFLEET's electronic news site which is updated regularly.  The CQ Online is located at

In addition to the organization’s newsletter, Communications also oversees the STARFLEET’s Public Relations department, which provides services to both the general media (Press Kits and Press Releases) and also to chapters within STARFLEET to help them better market themselves to their local communities. 

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ec_logo_sfaThe Academy is the education/entertainment branch of STARFLEET.  STARFLEET Academy offer a wide variety of courses ranging from testing trivial knowledge of the Star Trek universe to expanding general knowledge about the world around us.  Courses designed to help build practical skills can be found here as well.

The Academy's curriculum has been designed to be offered exclusively to the members of STARFLEET, and is free of charge for any course taken that is available through email or as part of the Fully Automated Course program (online). Students wishing to have course materials/graduation certificates sent via post are asked to pay a minimal fee to cover printing/shipping expenses.

For more information and to view Academy Faculty listings, courses and detailed Academy staff contacts, please visit the STARFLEET Academy website.

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Computer Operations

Computer Operations (COMPOPS) manages the information technology infrastructure of STARFLEET, its departments and projects.  In addition, all membership related functions exist within COMPOPS.  CompOps is responsible for the design, development, maintenance, and at least oversight of all of STARFLEET's web presence.  STARFLEET's first official website went online in 1994.  Since then, as the Internet technology has evolved, so has STARFLEET's presence in this online world.

As you will see, COMPOPS has a handful of specialized teams working to provide the best resources, and technologies possible to all.  Each team is critically important in achieving an excellent well rounded set of tools not only for our membership, for prospective members as well. A team mindset is core to everything within CompOps, because not only does each CompOps team interact with each other, they also interact on some level with every single department in STARFLEET.

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cqfncThe Finance Office is responsible for the general oversight of all financial matters, corporate federal and state compliance, and taxation.  The Finance Office maintains funds in various accounts from the General Operating Fund, Academy, Scholarships, the Marine Corps, and the International Conference which serves as our corporate annual business meeting.

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