The STARFLEET Annual Web Awards

Five Website awards will be granted:

Most Impressive UI (formerly ‘Wow’) This website will provide the greatest ‘wow’ factor.  Original animations and interactivity are a big plus.

Most Informative This website will present the best kind of Sci-Fi and especially Star Trek information. Unique information is a plus while re-hashed information from other sites is less helpful to the sites’ overall score. Reviews of the new film, summits, IC, the Star Trek Experience and similar events would be helpful.

Most Elegant This site may not have the newest information or best animations, etc. but it will be a very good site with easy navigation and very clear purpose. Ease of use (intuitiveness) and a clearly defined ‘theme’ are the key to winning this award.

Most Trekish This site is where a ‘Trekker’ would want to go for the most geekish look at the Star Trek world. If they list such things as Captain Kirk’s serial number (it’s SC937-0176CEC by the way) and errata about the original series production, this would be a very large bonus.

The “Vanguard Award” is an award that we “CompOps” will choose amongst the submitted winners at our discretion, this site is consider the “Best of the best of the best” of SFI Websites.

Please select the award you would like to nominate this site for.

Judgement in each category will be judged based on:

– solid content

– presentation

– navigability

– originality

– portability (works with different browsers or mobile devices)


Final winners will be announced at the STARFLEET International Conference in August, 2018.