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Staff Listings – Office of the VCS

ec_logo_vcsThe Vice-Commander, STARFLEET (VCS) is the second in command of STARFLEET and serves as the organization’s Vice-President.  The VCS is responsible for assuming the responsibilities of the Commander, STARFLEET in their absence, and for representing the CS to the members of the association, other organizations, and the general public.

The Departments in the office of the VCS are primarily concerned with providing customer service support and designing programs to enhance the STARFLEET experience in a positive way to the membership.

Some of these departments and/or sections are:

– STARFLEET Marine Corps

– Membership Processing

– Member Services

– STARFLEET Annual Campaign

– Petfleet


Admiral Russell Ruhland

Email Address:

Vice Commander, STARFLEET

Rear Admiral Daniel Toole

Phone: 1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x702

E-mail Address:

Chief of Staff to the Vice Commander, STARFLEET

Rear Admiral Theresa Bristow

E-mail Address:

Commandant, STARFLEET Marine Corps

Major General Jari James

E-mail Address:

Web Site:

PetFleet Corps Coordinator

Rear Admiral Lee Vitasek

E-mail Address:

Surgeon General, STARFLEET Medical Corps

Colonel Gregory Fant

E-mail Address:

Web site:

HYPOSPRAY – STARFLEET Medical Corps Online Newsletter

Director, STARFLEET Special Operations

Fleet Captain TJ Allen

Email Address:

Web Site:

Orientation Officer

Vice Admiral Peter Lutz

Email Address: