CS Report – Dec 2011/Jan 2012

FADM Dave Blaser – USS Hadfield – Region 13

Hi there, and welcome to another edition of The STARFLEET Communiqué!

As I’m writing this, I’ve been hearing the first comments from our International members about their impressions of CQ166, and reception has been pretty good so far!

I’m told that there will be a survey in edition 167 for the members to send in their feedback on the magazine format (which I hope as many of you have taken part in and sent in your thoughts and told us what you think), which at the time I’m writing this is at about 90% completion and should be finished shortly… so the Communications Department has already told the EC that next couple of editions are going to be fast turn-around in order to get us back on-track and on-schedule again.

Again, we do very much apologize for the lateness of the CQ’s.

Moving on to more pleasant things happening in STARFLEET, and something that we had posted about on our Facebook page, but we’ve had a pair of our more famous and notable members return to STARFLEET as members.

I’d like to take a moment to welcome Bjo and John Trimble back to STARFLEET!  It’s been a while, and we’ve missed you!

For those of you who don’t know who Bjo and John are, they were part of the “Star Trek Welcommittee” who, back in the 1960’s, organized the “Save Star Trek” campaign that helped to get Star Trek renewed for a third season.

According to an article I read on the web, the campaign started after a visit to the set around the time that the show was to be cancelled after the second season.  On the way home from their visit, John had apparently said that there should be something that they could do to help, and by the time that they had arrived home John and Bjo had a basic plan worked out, after which they called and cleared the idea with Gene Roddenberry, and were given the green light.

So, Star Trek’s longevity has something to thank the Trimble’s for.  It was also this campaign which has since inspired so many other letter writing campaigns through the years because of its success!

If you are so inclined, please post a note on our Facebook page welcoming Bjo and John home again to STARFLEET.

I’d like to take a few minutes now and talk about something that I saw when I was reading various chapter and regional reports in January.

One chapter reported in their Monthly Status Report that they’re having some issues in keeping things fresh, entertaining and engaging for their members (not quite in those words, mind you) and that several of their members have decided to not renew their memberships over the course of the last few years because “the club doesn’t do anything.”

In their MSR, the CO of the chapter noted that they’re a correspondence chapter, so their primary means of communication is through their chapter newsletter, but the chapter seems to have the same people contributing month after month, and the ones who are concerned are the ones who don’t send in anything for their chapter newsletter.

So, the CO asked if there were any suggestions that could help them.  And I think that the answer for this chapter might be in what other chapters are doing.

A few hours before reading this, I was reading a different regional report that noted what the chapters were doing in that region, and there was something in there that immediately jumped to mind for this other chapter in need.

What I read was that a correspondence chapter was taking advantage of one of the newer methods of social networking and are in the midst of a Twitter-based role playing game that has taken them from visiting a starbase, to encounters with aliens like Klingons and Cardassians, to vacationing on Risa.

When I saw this, I thought it was a great idea for a correspondence chapter to take part in!  It’s something that, with how prevalent smartphones and tablets have become, can be taken with you everywhere you go, takes only a few minutes to get caught up on and to participate with the other members of your chapter

Another option, especially now that Star Trek Online has opened as Free to Play, is getting online with your chapter members to play STO, fight a few Klingons, Orions or some Gorn, explore some of the galaxy and hang out with your friends in the game.  With the unlimited options available in the game, you can play cooperatively with your friends and live for a little time in the world of Star Trek!

The message that I’m hoping that is coming out of this is that there are plenty of ways to have fun and interact with the members of your chapter, and of STARFLEET, some that we may not have given thought to before, all you have to do is to give something a try, and see how well it goes.

And with that, I’ll close out for this edition, and talk to you again in CQ169.

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