New CQ #149 ready for download

It’s a special issue dedicated to the closing of the beloved Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. Many members and chapters shared memories and photos, and I even included some exclusive material that you won’t see anywhere else: the original menu from Quark’s Bar and Restaurant at the Experience. Written by yours truly back in 1997 with help from the crew of the USS Angeles, it’s some of the funniest Star Trek you will ever read. Seriously…funny! And of course, there’s the usual parade of EC articles, Starfleet financial reports, Attention on Deck for the Marines, plus a special tribute to the late Truman Temple, a pillar of the Starfleet organization who left this planet way too soon.

A special shout out of praise for Prasith Kim-Aun, the CQ Editor-in-Chief, who manually created hyperlinks throughout the online version so you can toggle instantly between and among articles. Every listing in the Table of Contents links to its article, and an icon with three yellow arrows on the bottom right of each page shoots you back to the Table of Contents. Try it; it’s awesome! Well done, Prasith!

In other news, the paper version of this new issue has just finished printing and will be mailed out this week. With luck, it’ll arrive in time to fill your Christmas stocking (or help light your menorah). Starfleet decided to spend a little extra on a higher quality of newsprint with the hope that it would eliminate the smudging that happened on many copies last issue. Apparently, the new paper did the trick, although I haven’t seen it in person yet (the printer is in Oklahoma and I live in California). But PJ Trotter, who handles our mailing, has picked up the copies and reports they look much better than last time. By the way, give a hand to PJ and her team for slapping labels on 2,000 copies of CQ and getting them mailed out to members so quickly.

Your favorite Communications team is already hard at work on CQ #150, our special anniversary issue. The deadline for submissions has already passed for #150, but #151 will be our first issue dealing with the new Star Trek movie. I’d like to get people writing about what they’re expecting from it. Are you excited? Scared? Angry? Keeping an open mind? Planning to boycott? How do you think this new movie will change the world of Star Trek fandom?

That’ll be CQ #151…with a submission deadline of January 15, 2009. Also, please send me your photos and articles about your chapter events or regional gatherings. Write about anything you want to! CQ is only as good as the submissions I receive. So send your stuff to

Hailing frequencies closed…but we open again tomorrow at 9:00.

– Commodore Jon Lane
Chief of Frackin’ Communications, dude!


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