Membership Costs

As a non-profit corporation, STARFLEET strives to keep our annual membership dues as low as possible while still delivering quality membership materials and a positive membership experience for all.

To help make things affordable, we offer two variations of membership:

  • Standard Membership, which includes a membership packet, along with the online edition and print edition of our quarterly newsletter, the STARFLEET Communique.
  • E-Membership, which includes everything except the print edition of the newsletter.


Due to added postage costs, membership dues for countries outside of the United States are slightly higher. All funds are in U.S. dollars.

e-Membership Standard
Membership Card Mailed
Online CQ (PDF)
CQ Mailed  —
Base Cost $10 $20
2nd Member + $5 + $5
Additional Members + $2 + $2
Canada + $1 + $5
All other Non-US + $5 + $5


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