30 December 2016

New Year Announcement – for widest dispersal

To avoid getting in the way of preparations for New Year’s Eve celebrations tomorrow; I would like to make the following statement to STARFLEET members Worldwide.

2016 has been a tough year for many of us, we’ve lost family, friends and much loved entertainers; there has been discord within STARFLEET.  However, despite the difficulties we have faced during 2016 we should not let ourselves be overcome with negativity; 2016 also brought new
lives with some of our 5,000 plus membership becoming parents or grandparents, our very own Next Generation; our Worldwide membership have  achieved so much this year, individually and as Chapters, striving to be better people, to help others and get a step closer to the ideal of Star

I certainly did not expect to be put into the position of Commander, Starfleet this year, and I’d like to thank each and every member of the Admiralty Board and Executive Committee for their support, for the hard  work they have put in, for putting up with me and for pulling together
to make the transition to the new administration as smooth as possible. There is still work to be done, but I have faith that the ECAB are up to  the job.

Being involved in STARFLEET at Chapter, Regional or Fleet level can be a rewarding experience and I would recommend every member think how they can be actively involved, perhaps with STARFLEET Chaplaincy, STARFLEET Medical Corps; STARFLEET Special Operations; STARFLEET Marine Corps;  your pets could join the Petfleet Corps.

2017 is nearly with us and the IC for 2017 is being held in New Orleans Aug 18 – Aug 20 (, if you are able to make it I would highly recommend attending an IC; and if you are able to help out at the IC, manning the Registration Desk, showing people around, or you are looking for a room share – get in touch with the IC Chair Randolph Allen ( IC-2018 is being held in Minneapolis.

Having held the position of Commander Starfleet for one month I now have great pleasure in handing over the Chair to Robert Westfall and his team (set out below), for the next three year administration, commencing January 1 2017.

Robert Westfall – Commander Starfleet
Dan Toole – Vice Commander Starfleet

Ron Coleman – Chief of Operations
Linda Olsen – Chief Finance Officer
Glendon Diebold – Chief of Education Services
Mike Dugas – Chief of Information Services
Denine Sanders – Chief of Communications
It has been an honour, and I wish each and every one of you the very  best for 2017.
Theresa Bristow
Commander Starfleet


20 November 2016

CS Election Results

I informed the candidates of the election results a short time ago, and now those results can be announced to the general STARFLEET membership.

I am pleased to announce that *Robert Westfall* will be our next Commander of STARFLEET.

In order to simplify this announcement I’m going to show the original breakdown of the voting (Round 1). I’m also going to show the individual rounds in which the votes were redistributed completely determining our winner.

Robert Westfall & Daniel Toole
Round 1: 636.5 votes
Round 2: 659.5 votes
Round 3: 764.5 votes
*Round 4: 959 votes (Final Count)*

Jonathan Simmons & Robert Vosseller
Round 1: 437.8 votes
Round 2: 444 votes
Round 3: 484.5 votes
*Round 4: 579 votes* (Final Count)

Reed Livingston Bates & Gregory Franklin
Round 1: 206.3 votes
Round 2: 237
Round 3: 298

Steven Parmley & Stephen Stott
Round 1: 213 votes
Round 2: 231 votes

Robin Woodell-Vitasek & David Anderson
Round 1: 88.3 votes

Method used by voters
Paper: 542
Internet: 1,040
Total: 1,582

Thus, by the authority given to me as Election Coordinator, I declare the 2016 Commander, STARFLEET election to be officially completed. The current Commander, STARFLEET and her EC team will begin making arrangements to
transfer all materials connected with their offices to the new CS, Robert Westfall, and his team.

A special thank you to our IG, Jeff Victor, for his hard work and help during this election.

Thank you,
Commodore Matthew Miller
Chief, STARFLEET Communications (
Election Coordinator, 2016
STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.
1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext: 704

16 October 2016

Membership Database Survey Results

Dear members of STARFLEET,

As many of you know, the Member Database user survey wrapped up last month, and I wanted to share the results with you. We’ve received 413 responses (within my goal of 5-10% of the current membership). Thanks again to everyone who responded!

Also: If you’re interested in seeing the raw data from the survey, here’s an Excel spreadsheet of all the responses:

Here’s how you answered:

I am a… (select all that apply):

Chapter member: 280 (67.8%)
Chapter Commanding/Executive Officer: 157 (38.0%)
Regional Staff member: 46 (11.1%)
SFI department staff: 24 (5.8%)
Regional Coordinator: 15 (3.6%)
Executive Committee (EC) member: 7 (1.7%)

Why do you login to the STARFLEET Member Database? (select all that apply)

Renewing my own membership: 321 (77.7%)
Reviewing my chapter roster: 229 (55.4%)
Checking my SFA/SFMCA course records: 227 (55.0%)
Updating my contact information: 217 (52.55%)
Checking another member’s information: 212 (51.3%)
Checking on the status of a new membership: 178 (43.1%)
Submitting a Chapter Monthly Status Report (MSR): 148 (35.8%)
Renewing or starting a new membership: 125 (30.3%)
Updating my SFMC/SFSO affiliations: 88 (21.3%)
Submitting a Marine report (Unit/BTN/BDE): 51 (12.3%)
Staff administration (ex. administering Academy course completions, etc.): 49 (11.9%)

I have been a member of STARFLEET for:

Less than 1 year: 50 (12.1%)
1-3 years: 77 (18.6%)
3-5 years: 52 (12.6%)
5-10 years: 65 (15.7%)
Over 10 years: 171 (41.4%)

On average, I login to the Member Database:

Once a year or less: 26 (6.3%)
2-3 times a year: 57 (13.8%)
Once a month: 68 (16.5%)
2-4 times a month: 176 (42.6%)
Once a day: 88 (21.3%)

I feel that the Member Database is very easy to use:

Strongly disagree: 17 (4.1%)
Disagree: 39 (9.4%)
Neutral: 124 (30.0%)
Agree: 183 (44.3%)
Strongly agree: 52 (12.6%)

A problem I have with the current DB (select all that apply);

Can’t remember username/password: 59 (14.3%)
Have trouble logging in/cannot reset password: 48 (11.6%)
Difficulty joining/renewing: 30 (7.3%)
Cannot update my crew’s information easily: 53 (12.8%)
Navigation/interface difficult to understand: 59 (14.3%)
Have difficulty finding the information/form(s) I need: 83 (20.1%)
Chapter finder does not contain enough information: 95 (23.0%)
Do not have access to information I need: 64 (15.5%)
I currently have no issues with the database: 173 (41.9%)
Other issue: 48 (11.6%)

Please rank the following proposed changes in order of importance: (aggregate rank listed before, total score listed after):

1. Receiving login username/password automatically after joining/renewing (4832)
2. Improving login/password retrieval process (4751)
3. Having a single login for both the Member Database and the main SFI site at 4582)
4. Improving membership signup/renewal process (4505)
5. Better messaging for membership expiration alerts (4321)
6. Create downloadable PDF membership cards/certificates in lieu of a printed/mailed membership packet (4051)
7. Allowing members to select one-year or multiple-year memberships (3927)
8. Making the site more visually appealing (2923)
9. Allowing gift memberships and/or streamlined membership/renewal on behalf of other members (2733)
10. Moving resources from the public site to the Database to keep them exclusive to current members (2721)
11. Re-organizing the site navigation for clarity and ease of use (2923)
12. Adding new features for general members (2273)
13. Adding new features for chapter commanding officers (2270)
14. Adding more chapter information to the Vessel Registry, for members seeking a new chapter (2051)
15. Improving export options for chapter member roster (1425)

In addition, there was a comments field, which good more feedback than I would want to publish here — please download the raw table for the full commentary. But here’s some responses that stood out:

“I think that other awards like the SFSO, SF Medical, and Region Awards should be added to a members eligibility. Let’s give credit where credit is due. People work hard to accomplish these accolades and it’s a shame to just have them overlooked.”

“I have long questioned making all of SFI’s resources publicly available. This leaves no incentive for joining STARFLEET — all the resources are available for free. Some material (a promotional flier or poster) should be freely available as a promotional tool. However, all of the hard work at DTS is being given away; all of the information for building a chapter is being given away. Could SFI instead create a page listing resources available to members and chapers, with a capsule summary of content? This could serve as a sales-pitch to get people to join FLEET.“

“Have the SFA’s MSR put into the upgrade, so it will be easier to make without emailing it in every month.

“Regional able to see list of it’s decommission chapters and the members who might still be suck on them. (who are attached to that chapter but have disappeared from all Region roster and more.)”

“Adding a chat room and a video Com like that of google hangout or Facebook’s video chat for members. Utilize a logo like Starfleet’s, UFP, Starfleet Command, Vulcan etc. as part of the video opening for this. You can call this the VidPhone, VidChat, similar to Star Treks.”

“To be honest, I find the entire list of proposed changes rather important and wouldn’t mind seeing all of them come to fruition.”

“I would like to see the message function on the database work in real time, does not seem to work at present, so if you see a member online on the database and you click the message function, invariably you never get a reply. This could be a great interactive fun feature if utilized more.”

“After talking with numerous chapter members, they are happy with the individual aspects of the database except they would like to expand the assignment aspect to allow a member to choose a SFMC unit and/or SFSO unit. It would help speed up the assignment process and likely cut some of the work load from SFMC/SFSO Staff and the Help Desk. Can not stress the issue of making SFSO equal to the SFMC capabilities when dealing with the database.”

“From my past working with HQ on projects, I lamented the lack of an API for external applications, even to validate that someone is a member. I don’t know if this is still lacking, but if so, it would be a valuable addition in expanding the use of the database beyond its web front-end.”

“Tracking awards, promotions, promotion HISTORY, time-in-grade, etc. would be invaluable to COs and Marine OICs.”

“Database for charity events and similar information. Such as monthly blood drives, can food drives and etc. Membership discounts and/or locations.”

Admiral Laura Victor
Chief of Computer Operations, STARFLEET
888-SFI-TREK x707

“Please state the nature of the technological emergency.”

15 October 2016

AB Resolution 16-05 Motion to accept the FY2015-2016 Budget proposal.

Vote taken July 06, 2016

RC Commodore Chris Tolbert of Region 12 made the motion .
RC Brigadier Jeremy Carsten of Region 3 seconded the motion.

The votes:
Yeas: R3, R10, R1, R13, R12, R2, R8, R6, R15, R20
Nay: R4
Abstain: R7, R17

Motion Passed.

8 September 2016

The SFI Recruitment Drive is On!


With the 50th anniversary of Star Trek upon us, we are seeing a huge surge in media coverage and promotional tie-ins with the franchise. Star Trek is in the public eye right now and we need to take advantage of that natural momentum. That means it’s time for a recruitment drive!

Between 12:00am EST 9/8/16 and 11:59pm EST 12/31/16 we will be having a contest to see which chapter can recruit the most new members into SFI. The chapter that gains the greatest number of new SFI members will receive $100 for your ship. Second place will receive $75 and third place will receive $50. We will count only NEW memberships (renewing members and returning members won’t count) and all family memberships will count as one (1).

As with anything we commit to spending money on, buyer confidence is just as important here as it would be for another organization such as the Boy Scouts or a product such as Kellogg’s brand cereals. Speaking with people about joining STARFLEET is not a whole lot different. STARFLEET is a brand like any other. It is important to establish the significance of our brand and establish an emotional connection with our target audience. Just as Disney products are imbued with a wholesome, child-oriented personality, STARFLEET represents a love of Star Trek. That’s what you are offering these potential members.

Seems like a daunting task? Don’t worry! There are plenty of methods and materials out there to help. You can start with the official SFI Recruitment Pack. This pack includes fliers, press releases, logos, business cards, and more to help you sell STARFLEET as a brand. They are easy to print either at home or at your local office store (remember SFI has a Retail Connect account with OfficeMax/Office Depot which gives you a GREAT discount on printing there – see the Membership Perks section of the SFI Database for the account number).

Here are some BEST PRACTICES to help get you started:

  1. Look inside first
    If your chapter is one which allows people to join without becoming a member of STARFLEET, this should be your first area of focus. You have already established a relationship of trust with these members. They will be far more receptive you and your pitch.
  2. Don’t just tell them about it – CONVINCE THEM!
    People aren’t just going to join because you tell them to. They need to see that it is a benefit to them. Show them pictures from IC or your local Regional Conference. Tell them about the perks that are available to members such as discounted uniforms and vehicle/hotel rentals. Show them the latest CQ issue and let them glance through it. Let them see all of the fun they are missing out on!
  3. Add value
    There are several things you can do to add value onto a STARFLEET membership at the local level. For example, you can require all leadership/operational positions in your chapter be held by SFI members. You could hold a recruitment contest on your own ship with small prizes for those who bring in the most members. Get creative with it and most of all HAVE FUN!
  4. Get the word out
    Whether you are a chapter that meets in person or one that virtually keeps in touch, you can still use the same methods to attract new members. You can post on sites that have local message boards such as Reddit and Craigslist that you are looking for members along with information about what your particular chapter does. You can send members out to canvas local colleges with flyers. Go to your local comic shop’s Star Trek Attack Wing play night to meet new Trek fans and ask the shop owner if you can place a flier in the window or at the counter (some may even agree to host a Star Trek comic/collectable/game event if your crew is willing to run it). You can contact your local TV news station and tell them about your chapter and STARFLEET. Many chapters have appeared on their local news or in their local paper PARTICULARLY with the 50th anniversary this year. Book stores are also a good place to advertise as most have a science fiction section with Star Trek novels (they may let you place bookmarks near that section advertising your chapter). Libraries are a great place to advertise and look for members. Speck with the libraries in your area about hosting a Star Trek event or placing fliers on their community board.
  5. Never get discouraged
    Keep trying even if you are not seeing much progress. You never know when lightning may strike. Don’t limit yourself to one avenue of possibility. Try several methods and add new ones when they come available. Get your whole crew involved and make it a fun experience. Recruitment can be a great team building exercise for you and your crew. You can only fail if you give up.
  6. Share your success
    We want to hear about your recruitment victories! Share your stories with us on the SFI Recruitment Network Facebook Group ( Tell us about what you are doing and what works verses what didn’t. You can also get help from fellow chapters if you are struggling.

This will be a great opportunity for you to get out there and grow your member base. If you need help or have additional questions, contact Admiral Johnathan Simmons, Acting Chief of Operations, at and check out for more helpful documents.

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