3 August 2016


Ladies & Gentlemen,

I address you with the unwavering resolve, as well as the full authority, of my position as Commander, STARFLEET. Due to recent events, as well as the performance of other assigned duties, including complaints from members, I have come to the decision, effective immediately, to dismiss a member of the Executive Committee. I will not comment on specific details, as there may be a referral to the office of the Inspector General, for an investigation.

Admiral Robert Westfall, you are hereby requested and required to stand down as both Chief of Operations and Secondary Membership Processing Administrator. Within the next 48 hours, you are further ordered to relinquish all documents, data, access codes/passwords pertaining to
Operations to your Vice Chief, Admiral Jonathan Simmons. You are further ordered to relinquish all documents, data, access codes/passwords, materials, equipment, and supplies pertaining to Membership Processing to Primary Membership Processing Administrator First Lieutenant William Bartholomew.

Admiral Simmons, you are ordered to coordinate this transition with Admiral Westfall, in order to assume your new role as Acting Chief of Operations, until a replacement can be confirmed, by the Admiralty Board, to serve out the remainder of this term.

First Lieutenant William Bartholomew, you are ordered to coordinate this transition with Admiral Westfall, in order to assume all of the responsibilities of Membership Processing.

Thank you for your attention,

ADM Robin Woodell-Vitasek
Commander, STARFLEET

1 May 2016

CQ #185 now available!

CQ 185 (October – December 2015) is now available for download from the database at We are finally out of 2015 and only one edition behind.

Commodore Matthew Miller

Chief, STARFLEET Communications (

STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.
1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext: 704

18 April 2016

The passing of FADM Killough – A tragic loss to STARFLEET

From STARFLEET Chief of Operations Robert Westfall:

“It is with the saddest of hearts that I must announce that Fleet Admiral Wayne Killough died late Saturday night due to complications from a recent out-patient surgery.

Wayne served STARFLEET with honor and dedication in every position he held, including its highest offices. Like all of us, he had his flaws, but when it came to STARFLEET he always did what he thought was in the best interests of the Fleet, and his passing is a great loss to every member of this organization.

Regardless of what you thought of Wayne, STARFLEET has always prided itself on being a family and Wayne truly believed this. So I ask all of you to join the rest of Wayne’s family in mourning the man who left a mark on not just this organization but all of us.

I have proposed to the ECAB that STARFLEET suspend all non-essential operations until Wednesday, 20 April 2016, and ask that all members join us in this period of mourning for our organization and family.

At this time, no arrangements for services have been made, but information will be posted as it becomes available.

In Service,
Admiral Robert Westfall
Acting Commander, STARFLEET”

7 April 2016

Appointment of Region 11 Regional Coordinator

To: Donna Reid & the Eleventh Fleet

From: STARFLEET Headquarters – Office of the Commander, STARFLEET

Re: Appointment of Region 11 Regional Coordinator

I have received word from the Inspector General that, in the matter of the Region 11 Regional Coordinator Election, Brigadier General Donna Reid has received a majority of the nominations cast and has met the eligibility requirements to serve as the Regional Coordinator.

Here is the official verbiage from the Inspector General:

“It is my duty to announce that the Region 11 Coordinator election has concluded, with BGN Donna Reid, based on the polling of the chapters of Region 11, wining in the nomination phase. She is hereby immediately ordered to take command of Starbase 11 and the 11th Fleet. BGN Reid shall serve a two year term. May God have mercy on her soul.”

So, in accordance with STARFLEET rules, Brigadier General Donna Reid is hereby recognized as the winner of said election and is appointed to the position of Regional Coordinator of Region 11.

Brigadier General Reid, you are directed to proceed forthwith and to begin transition activities with Fleet Captain David Hines to assume the command of Starbase 11 and the Eleventh Fleet. Also, the USS Genesis shall be authorized to serve as the Flagship of Region 11 immediately.

Fleet Captain Hines, I would like to thank you for your dedication and service to Region 11 and to STARFLEET.

Brigadier General Reid, I look forward to your participation on the Admiralty Board as the representative of STARFLEET Region 11.

Congratulations and best wishes for your future success!

In Service,


Fleet Admiral Wayne Lee “Hunter” Killough, Jr., SFMD
Commander, STARFLEET
Toll Free: 1-888-SFI-TREK (734-8735) ext. 701

10 December 2015

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