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14 May 2015

Open Position in PETFLEET: Veterinarian

On behalf of the VCS Department I would like to announce that PETFLEET has an open position. They are looking for any STARFLEET member who happens to be a licensed Veterinarian in real life.

PETFLEET’s current mission is to register as many pets and companions a possible throughout our international membership. We have a presence on both Facebook and Yahoo Groups. This group welcomes all living animals as well as stuffed mascots.

The position as PETFLEET Veterinarian would entail assisting with animal care articles for the PETFLEET Gazette on a quarterly basis, which is launching soon.

If you would like to apply, please send a letter of intent and both your real world resume and STARFLEET resume for consideration. For more information contact PETFLEET Director, Commodore Lee Vitasek at

In service,


Fleet Captain Robin Woodell-Vitasek
Chief of Staff to the Vice-Commander STARFLEET

29 June 2014

Wanted: Artists for Starship/Station Schematics

The Department of Technical Services (DTS) is seeking talented artists to help execute engineering drawings of starships and space stations. The selected candidates will create engineering schematics from rendered or

photographed images, work with groups creating new vessel designs to visualize those concepts, and extrapolate from existing schematic images to create other views that may not as yet exist. This work is both technical
and creative, and requires both an understanding of Star Trek’s technology and an ability to accurately draw Star Trek space vehicles, either by hand or by computer.

Volunteers can apply to serve on a stand-by basis, taking on projects on a periodic basis, or may volunteer for just a single project with no long-term commitment. All that DTS seeks is a willingness to contribute and the talent
to do so with quality work.

To volunteer for a project, please contact DTS and include the following:

1] A brief description of abilities and experience relevant to creating schematics. This can include either “real life” or STARFLEET experience.

2] An estimate of how quickly one can produce detailed and accurate drawings.

3] Top plan and side elevation drawings of any one of the following starships:

  • Constitution-class heavy cruiser (Original Series Enterprise)
  • Enterprise-class heavy cruiser (Enterprise from the “Classic Trek” feature
  • films: refit-1701/1701-A)
  • Galaxy-class large exploratory cruiser (Enterprise-D)
  • Sovereign-class heavy cruiser (Enterprise-E)

[NOTE: Please submit one of only these four ships! Your creativity and ability to draw other vessels is appreciated and important, but by having potential artists submit drawings of the best known ships, it is possible to
demonstrate ability to portray Star Trek’s technologies, and it becomes easier to objectively assess everyone’s relative capabilities.]

Drawings may be submitted in either electronic or hardcopy format, but if submitting electronic files, please be sure they can be printed out in black-and-white. In general, .bmp, .gif, .png, and .jpg formats are preferred. Please check with me if you wish to use another format.

Send submissions to:

ADM Alex Rosenzweig
Director, Department of Technical Services, STARFLEET 980 Linwood Place
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-2267

E-Mail: or

Current projects needing attention include:

  • Alaska-Class Battlecruiser
  • Aurora-Class Science Scout
  • Bonaventure-Class (as created by Meni for the 2006 Ships of the Line
  • Calendar)
  • Byrd-Class Exploratory Cruiser
  • Centaur-Class Frigate
  • Champion-Class Space Control Ship
  • Conquest-Class Dreadnought
  • Dahlgren-Class Strike Cruiser
  • Darwin-Class Scout
  • Edinburgh-Class Space Control Ship
  • Excalibur-Class Cruiser
  • Falcon-Class Exploratory Cruiser
  • Frontier-Class Station (aka, “New Deep Space Nine”)
  • Gasparilla-Class Combat Support Ship
  • Kestral-Class Superscout
  • Komsomolsk-Class Dreadnought
  • Kresta-Class Heavy Frigate
  • Midway-Class Shuttlecarrier
  • Mitannic-Class Battlecruiser
  • Navras-Class Star Cruiser (aka Emissary-Class from “Star Trek Online”)
  • Odyssey-Class Star Cruiser (e.g., Enterprise-F from “Star Trek Online”)
  • Oslo-Class Heavy Escort (from “Star Trek Online”)
  • Palomar-Class Command Cruiser
  • Saladin-Class, Siva-Subclass Destroyer
  • Survey Vessel Antares (“Charlie X” Remastered)
  • Utopia Planitia Station – Large
  • Valor-Class Exploratory Cruiser
  • Vesta-Class Cruiser
  • (Others to follow.)

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what
you can do.

In Service…

ADM Alex Rosenzweig
Director, Department of Technical Services
Director, Office of Technical Information or

20 May 2014

The CQ wants YOU!

The CQ is definitely interested in having people who want to help out pitch in. Last time ’round we focused on copy editors, so let’s take a look at the contributor side…

– Graphic artists: One thing I would dearly love to have is a repository of “ads” for Regions, Chapters, groups, anyone who wants to put a blurb in the CQ that says, “Hey, come check us out, we’re interesting!” When doing layout, we often end up with a weird little box of white space that isn’t big enough for another article, but looks dumb just hanging out there empty. However, and I say this with a lot of love, when we put out a call for graphics, the ones that come back are often. Well. What’s the word?
Ugly. Or let’s go with “not suitable for print publication,” if you like that better. But really. Ugly. I’d love to have a graphic artist (or a
TEAM! of graphic artists) who can work with people to get print-ready ads prepared, so then we have something to fill the space. Handy with Photoshop? Drop me a line!

– Writers: Well, duh. Want to run a column on science or space exploration?Want to talk about all the cool fan-generated Trek projects out there? Have a kick ass time at the R5 summit and want to tell us all about it (remember we’re a FAMILY FRIENDLY publication!). Drop me a line, and let me know! If your idea is kind of out there (see: Kobayashi Maru nursing metaphor),
probably better to ask before submitting an article, as sometimes we get stuff that really just doesn’t fit with the CQ, but we’re pretty open-minded.

– Compilers: Don’t really think of yourself as a writer, but want to help out? There’s plenty of stuff already out there that would work in the CQ, we just don’t know it’s there. We need people to check out chapter and region newsletters and Facebooks, and if they see something that would begood for the CQ, identify it. I’ve been known to drop a note to my chapter CO when I see something in the USS Angeles’ newsletter I want to use in the CQ — but I don’t have time to read EVERY chapter newsletter and do that!

– Facilitators: Similar to the compilers, this has an extra step to it, since the material isn’t already written. Frequently I’ll see something mentioned on a list or email and say, “Hey, that would be a good article for the CQ!” Sometimes I even remember to drop a note and ask for an article about it, with mixed results. This role would probably involve checking out the MSR reports to see if there are chapter events that would make good articles, following up after a Regional summit to get a report, and chasing down ideas that sound interesting.

If any of these sound like something you’d like to do (or you have an idea I haven’t even thought of!) to help contribute, drop me a note at comms at and let me know. With the new right around the corner, the CQO will be relaunching, and we really need to be able to generate fresh content to keep people interested. That, in turn, will make sure we have plenty of interesting stuff to share when it comes time to put together our quarterly magazine.

Hoping to hear from people!

– Liz
RADM Liz Woolf
Chief of Communications, STARFLEET
comms at /