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An Introduction to STARFLEET

STARFLEET Is Our Members

For over 40 years, STARFLEET has provided Star Trek fans a way to meet each other, make friends, have fun, give back to their communities, and show that the dream of Gene Roddenberry can live long and prosper.  On the local level, members can gather with other fans for a variety of enjoyable activities.  On the international level, STARFLEET offers our members a wealth of resources that you won’t find in any other Star Trek fan clubs.  In addition to a great set of membership materials and our regularly-published newsletter, STARFLEET offers members the chance to get involved with STARFLEET Academy, the STARFLEET Marine Corps, the Department of Technical Services, and much, much more.  We even have a group of academic monetary scholarships that are awarded to deserving STARFLEET members each year.


STARFLEET Is Our Chapters

STARFLEET is divided into hundreds of local Chapters, each named as a different starship or space station.  Chapters are where the members of STARFLEET get together locally to make friends, meet, and have a fun time.  Our many Chapters are spread out across the United States and also in foreign countries all over the world.

STARFLEET Chapters range in size from 10 members to several dozen.  Some get together and meet in person while others are correspondence Chapters where members who live far away from each other can still exchange messages via e-mail, telephone, and even good, old-fashioned postal mail.


STARFLEET Is Our Regions

STARFLEET Chapters are grouped into Regions, each Region covering a different geographical area.  These regions will often hold gatherings where crews of many Chapters get together for conferences, parties, charity events, and a whole range of other activities.


images (10)As in Star Trek, STARFLEET has a Chain of Command

Each Chapter is led by a Commanding Officer and a First Officer.  Chapters report to Regional Coordinators, who form the Board of Directors for STARFLEET and work with an elected a 7-member Executive Committee that serves a term of 3 years.  So there is a solid chain of command in place to deal with any problem or concern a STARFLEET member might have at any level of the organization.

One of the most fun aspects of being in STARFLEET is that every member can be assigned a rank–if the member chooses–and get promoted for participation in their local Chapter, or at the Regional or Fleet level, as well.  New members in Chapters can start with introductory ranks like Cadet and Ensign and get promoted up through higher ranks like Lieutenant and Commander.  When members get involved more actively at the Chapter, Regional, or Fleet level, they can get promoted even higher to Captain, or to flag ranks like Commodore or Admiral.

Of course, you can be a member of STARFLEET without joining a Chapter.  You can also be a member of a Chapter without joining STARFLEET.  And since some Chapters have membership dues that are separate from the STARFLEET annual subscription, some fans do decide to join either one organization or the other…and that’s just fine.