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Department of Technical Services

STARFLEET’s Department of Technical Services is your gateway to the technologies of Star Trek. Its mission is to serve the “technical” informatidtslogoon needs of STARFLEET’s chapters and members. It does this through the operation of several “sub-agencies”, as well as the department itself.

The primary function of the DTS at the departmental level is two-fold. Administratively, it is the agency that reviews and approves requests by STARFLEET chapters for names, vessel classes, and registry/NCC numbers. It maintains a list of all vessels either in use or reserved, so as to avoid any inadvertent duplication. Groups seeking chapter status have their requests approved by DTS as a prerequisite for launch.


The other general function of the DTS is the oversight of three “sub-agencies” that operate under its aegis. These are:

Office of Technical Information (OTI):

OTI is a reference and research service specializing in the science and technology of the Star Trek Universe. Have you got questions about starships? Planets and stars? Alien civilizations? The history of Star Trek’s future? If so, OTI is the office to ask; it has everything from antimatter to zenite. OTI is most famous, perhaps, for its comprehensive listings of over 4,200 starships in the Star Trek Universe, from the NX-01 to the Voyager, and for its comprehensive Star Trek Timeline, but those are only the beginning…


Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB):

Star Trek fans are creative…very creative. And part of that creativity is designing new starships, stations, etc. That’s where ASDB comes in. The Bureau is here to help you create new designs which will still fit within the well-organized world of Star Trek. Thanks to both Paramount and lots of dedicated Star Trek fans, the hows, whys, and wherefores of Star Trek engineering are well-understood, and the ASDB stands ready to help you make your new design work, and indeed, be one that we can add to the ever-growing world of Star Trek…


Office of Schematic Art (OSA)

An important part of understanding the design of starships and stations is getting detailed and precise representations of those vessels. Historically, one of the best ways to do that and one still used today, is to have a set of engineering drawings (schematics) done. The Office of Schematic Art exists to help you get that. The artists who contribute here can create engineering schematics from rendered or photographed images, work with groups creating new vessel designs to visualize those concepts, and extrapolate from existing schematic images to create other views that may not as yet exist. If you’re working with a ship design, but need some help getting from idea to image, the Office of Schematic Art is here to help.


DTS is dedicated to helping STARFLEET members play in the Star Trek Universe, a big, fascinating place, and perhaps one of the largest “shared worlds” in history. If we can help you, don’t hesitate to ask!