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sfmcflagentryAttention on Deck!

The STARFLEET Marine Corps (SFMC) is a component of the overall STARFLEET fan club.  Members of the SFMC include veterans and active duty military, as well as people who just prefer a “military flavor” to their Star Trek fan activities.

The SFMC is organized along traditional military lines, in the same manner as STARFLEET itself.  However, instead of being organized along Navy lines, and using terms such as “Ships” or “Shuttles” or “Space Stations”, the SFMC uses ground force equivalents such as “Brigades” or “Strike Groups”.  And while STARFLEET members hold naval ranks like Ensign and Commander and Admiral, STARFLEET Marine ranks include Sergeant and Colonel and General.

Aside from that, and some nifty black and white style uniforms, the SFMC is very much like the rest of the STARFLEET membership.  Marines are dedicated to the same high principles, including community service and charity fund raising.  However, because so many SFMC members identify with the real-world military, a significant amount of the Marines’ focus is on organizations that associate with or assist military members, veterans, and their families.  Good examples are Operation Eagle, the Overseas Coupon Project, and the annual United States Marine Corps Reserves’ “Toys for Tots” holiday drive.

You do not have to be a real Marine to join the SFMC.  Although there are many real military personnel in the SFMC, there are plenty of civilians, too…all ages, as a matter of fact.  The only requirement to be a STARFLEET Marine is a positive mental attitude and a willingness to work with others.  Paid membership in STARFLEET is required if you intend to participate in the SFMC Academy (SFMCA), hold an “Officer in Charge” OIC position, or be listed on the official Corps roster, just like in STARFLEET.

To learn more about the STARFLEET Marine Corps, visit the STARFLEET Marine Corps Web site.