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Membership Costs

As a non-profit corporation, STARFLEET strives to keep our annual membership dues as low as possible while still delivering quality membership materials and a positive membership experience for all.


All funds are in U.S. dollars.

Membership Certificate (PDF) E-Mailed
Membership Card (PDF) E-Mailed
Online CQ (PDF)
Individual $5
Family – 2 $9
Family – 3 $12
Family – 4 $14
Family – 5 $16
Family – 6 $17
Add a printed certificate $3 (Incl. S/H)
Add a printed Members’s Handbook and By-Laws $8 (Incl. S/H)
* Paper memberships are no longer available – all memberships are now completely digital.
* The Member’s CD of digital documents are no longer available.