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Monthly Status Report Tutorial

Access the Membership Database

To access the STARFLEET database’s Online MSR, type the following into your browser’s URL or address box:

Figure 1 is what you should see when it finishes finding the address:

DB login

Figure 1 . User Login screen

Enter Username/Password

Left-click inside the USERNAME box [pointedto in Figure 1] and type your Username. Left-click inside the PASSWORD box and type your Password. Then left-click on the SUBMIT button.

[If your computer asks whether you wish it to remember this information so you don’t have to type it in the future, consider accepting that offer.] If your Username and Password match the ones currently on file for you in the database, you should then see a screen that looks like Figure 2:

Greeting page

Figure 2 . Welcome screen

In Figure 2, important things you will see are:

  • The clickable menu of database areas available to you
  • Your current membership expiration date
  • The ONLINE area, listing the names of all members currently logged into the database [You’re able to chat with any of these by left-clicking on that person’s name]

Click on Chapter Tab

Left-click on the CHAPTER button [pointed to in Figure 2] to display the contents of the Chapter menu:


Figure 3 . Chapter menu

Choose MSR Report

Left-click on the MSR REPORT link [Pointed to in Figure 4A] to create a new MSR from scratch:

Chapter Menu

Figure 4 A. MSR Report

MSR Roster

Figure 4 B. MSR Report

Please note that most of the information shown in the white boxes at the top of the MSR is not permanently adjustable here and is not stored with the MSR. This information is shown from existing records, which should be updated by left-clicking on the CHAPTER INFORMATION link.

The Report For Date: This date is now automatically set by the database. Each month, your MSR is due by the 5th Day of the following month. For example, for March 2003, your report must be submitted by April 5, 2003 to be considered on time.

Reports submitted on the 6th-10th of the following month would be considered late.

Using our previous example, a report submitted on April 6th-10th would be accepted but considered late.

Reports not received by the 10th of the month are considered failed to report. The database will NOT allow you to submit a report beyond this deadline. Instead, the database starts accepting reports for the next month.

Using the above example, if a report was submitted on April 11th, the database would store this report for April 2003, not March.

If you need to submit your MSR and it is past the 10th of the month, you cannot use the SFI Membership Database to submit this report. Send it by email or snail mail.

The [NEWSLETTER] PUB DATE [Publication Date always shows today’s date, by default. Just change it to reflect the actual publication date of your Chapter’s monthly newsletter. [Pointed to in Figure 4C].

Figure 4C. MSR Report

Filling in the body of MSR

The body of the MSR is found by scrolling down past the FLEET MEMBERS area [information from your Chapter Roster] in Figure 5:

Figure 5 . MSR body

Please note that the ACADEMY INFO area is no longer within your ability to input. It will reflect all Academy course completions since the last Report Date. These must be input to the database by the respective Academy Course Directors. If you spot any error or omission since the last Report Date, please send an e-mail containing your name, e-mail address, and SCC number to, explaining the problem. The STARFLEET HelpDesk will contact the appropriate Course Director, who will then correct the problem in the database.

[Want to check on a member’s past Academy course completions, e.g., OTS and OCC? Left-click on the CHAPTER button [pointed to in Figure 5A], then left-click on the MEMBER ELIGIBILITY link. There you will input either the member’s SCC number or the member’s first and last name, to display that information.]

Figure 5A. Member Eligibility

MEETING DATE always shows today’s date, by default. Just change it to reflect the actual meeting date of your Chapter.

The PROMOTIONS box is where you input the promotions YOU have given your members [up to the rank of CMDR]. Their date of rank will be set to the 1st of the Reporting Month. If you wish to assign a different date of rank, send an e-mail to

The ACTIVITIES box is where you input your Chapter’s activities, both for the month just ended and for any events planned for the future.

The COMMENTS box is where you input your comments, complaints, etc. The good, the bad, and the ugly. If you want your chain of command to be made aware of a problem you’re facing, this is the place to document it.

Submitting MSR

You must scroll down further, in order to submit your Online MSR:

Figure 6 . Store MSR vs. Submit to Departments

Here’s a real potential “gotcha” hiding in the weeds, waiting to pounce on the unwary CO. You got all the way through filling out your MSR, and you left-clicked on the SUBMIT button; but guess what? No one ever got notified that your MSR had been submitted! Worse, the MSR didn’t appear in the MSR ARCHIVE at all, so you couldn’t go there to edit it or to resubmit it!

Why? Because you didn’t heed the request, “Please choose whether you want to store this report to work on, or submit it to the appropriate departments.” How do you indicate your choice? By left-clicking on one of the two “radio buttons,” either STORE MSR [to save it so you can come back later to work on it some more] or SUBMIT TO DEPARTMENTS [which removes your ability to edit it further, and notifies STARFLEET Ops and your RC that your MSR is finalized in the database, ready to be reviewed].

Once your report is submitted, you will be brought to a new screen showing confirmation that your report has been submitted.

Accessing MSR Archive

There are several reasons why you may need to visit the MSR Archive:

  • You stored an MSR that’s still in progress there, and you need to Edit it further.
  • You finalized an MSR there, Submitted it to Departments; and now you need to send a copy of it to still other recipients, e.g., your sister ships’ COs, your own crew, whoever.
  • You’re in the process of writing this month’s MSR, and you want to copy and paste something from last month’s MSR into it.

Left-click on the MSR ARCHIVE link [pointed to in Figure 7] to access an MSR already in the Archive:

MSR Archives

Figure 7 . MSR Archive access

Viewing MSR Archive

Figure 8 is an example of what you might see inside the MSR Archive:

Figure 8 . MSR Archive contents

For each MSR stored there, you will see:

  • An EXPORT button, which we will discuss in Step 10 of these instructions
  • The R DATE {Report Date] assigned to the MSR
  • WARNING: You may see several MSRs bearing the same R DATE, especially if you discovered a need to add/change/delete anything in an MSR after you’d already FILED it. That would have required you to create a new MSR for the same R DATE.
  • The name of your Chapter
  • The Status of the MSR, [either STORED or SUBMITTED ]
  • If the MSR’s Status is STORED, a clickable link to allow you to EDIT the MSR [pointed to in Figure 8]

Editing Stored MSRs

If you wish to Edit a Stored MSR further, left-click on the EDIT link. You should see essentially what was represented by Figure 4 and Figure 5, with one major difference: The contents of the boxes in the MSR Body will be as you left them, not empty as they would be if this were a new MSR.

Remember, when you’re finished Editing an MSR, left-click on one of the two “radio buttons,” either STORE MSR or SUBMIT TO DEPARTMENTS before you left-click on the SUBMIT button again [refer to Step 6 of these instructions].


Access MSR Export

If you wish to review an already SUBMITTED MSR [possibly to send it to some additional recipients], left-click on the EXPORT button [pointed to in Figure 9].

Export button in MSR Archives

Figure 9 Export MSR

Viewing MSR Export

A Web Page [HTML] version of the MSR opens in a new window in your browser:

Exported report
Figure 10. An exported MSR

Within this window, you may:

  • Highlight any text desired, and Copy it to the clipboard [Ctrl-C] for Pasting [Ctrl-V] elsewhere, such as into another Online MSR you’re currently writing
  • Highlight the entire contents [Ctrl-A], and Copy it to the clipboard [Ctrl-C] for Pasting [Ctrl-V] elsewhere, such as into an e mail you’re sending.
  • Left-click on File [on your internet browser’s menu bar], then left-click on Save As, then save it as either a Text [TXT] file or a Web Page [HTML] file which you may later attach to an e-mail.

When you’re finished with this new window, remember to close it.

Logging Out

When you’re finished working in the STARFLEET database, always remember to
log out by left-clicking on the LOG OUT link [pointed to in Figure 11]. You will see the following screen:


Figure 11. Log Out