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Staff – Operations

ec_logo_opsThe Chief of Operations is responsible for the overall smooth operation of the Regions and Chapters of the Fleet. The Chief of Operations collects reports from all Regional Coordinators and Chapter Commanding Officers. Operations is also responsible for the commissioning and decommissioning of chapters and assisting members and chapters with operational programs. The Operations department also overseas Shakedown Operations, as well as generating the Vessel Registry. In addition, the Operations department also oversees the Recruitment and Retention Department, as well as the Alumni Outreach Program.

Chief Operations Officer

Commodore Ronald Coleman

E-mail Address:

Vice Chief Operations Officer

 Admiral Johnathan Simmons

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Chief of Shakedown Operations

Rear Admiral Beau Thacker

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Monthly Status Report Officer

Commander Jennifer Coleman

Monthly Status Reports (MSR) by email:

Recruiting & Retention Officers

Recruiting & Retention Officer
Lieutenant Robert Byng

E-mail Address:
E-mail Address: