Assistant Communication Specialist

Applicants are sought for multiple positions within the STARFLEET Communication Department. Assistant Communication Specialists are sought for positions that would assist the Directors of A/V Projects, MailChimp, or Publicity, Documents and Manuals. Please specify in your narrative in which area you have an interest. Duties would include assisting in the development of messaging and communication strategies, collaborating with other team members in creating materials or content for distribution, technical or content support for A/V projects, assembling or formatting articles or documents, disseminating communications utilizing online publication tools, and ensuring all materials or projects incorporate the appropriate SFI branding.

Skills Needed:

*Demonstrable abilities in the area of focus
*Educational background or relevant experience in one of the communication areas
*Strong written and verbal communication skills
*Creativity to produce exciting and interesting content
*Organizational skills to complete assigned projects on schedule
*Ability to respond to challenging situations in a timely and professional manner
*Good interpersonal skills

Training Requirements:

Passage of OTS and all current SFDPP courses. A reasonable amount of time will be allowed for completion of required SFDPP courses.

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