Assistant Dean, Institute of Space Studies

Description of Role

Primary duties involve two areas: assisting students and administrative services. Deans must be able to handle issues that may arise between students and college directors (problems getting exams graded, challenges to grades, etc.). Deans must beta-test and approve all new exams and/or colleges that are added to their institutes, and coordinate with the CDC to get final approval. Once approved, the Dean is responsible for submitting the final versions of the exams to SFA Services for integration into our live curriculum offerings. Deans must also work with their Directors to resolve any reported issues the Director may be having, or inform the proper office of the issue. Additionally, Deans receive the monthly status reports from the directors within their Institutes, and use those to generate their monthly Institute status report. Assistant Deans assist the Dean with their duties, and need to be willing to serve as Dean on a temporary basis if needed; therefore, Assistants should be able to perform all of the above duties if required. As we are enhancing our Moodle operations, Deans will be required to work with our Moodle team and the Directors in their Institute to find the best way to present their exams in the Moodle system and help resolve any issues relating to this. More information relating to the duties of Deans and Assistant Deans can be found in the SAOC Manual.

Skills Needed

Basic typing and word processing (Microsoft Office, Open Office or similar, compatible program necessary); previous experience with Moodle not required, but must be willing to learn basic functions. Additionally, good grammar, spelling, and proof reading skills are STRONGLY encouraged.
Deans and Assistant Deans should have previous experience within SFA or SFMCA as an Assistant Director or above; one year preferred, but six months minimum (past staff members who left in good standing are welcome to apply). Similar experience elsewhere in Fleet or in the real world may be considered if there are no candidates with SFA experience. We prefer that candidates serve (or previously served) in the institute for which they are applying, but in certain situations that may be waived.

Training Requirements

OTS, STARFLEET Data Protection Policy 101 and 102, and all of the courses in the STARFLEET Academy Orientation College (SAOC).

Additional Comments

Applications will be accepted for a minimum of 14 days or until filled. We will keep all applications on file for a minimum of 6 months, and consider them for future openings. If you would like to be considered for multiple positions, please state that in your application, and you only need to apply once. If you have any questions about SFA openings, please contact the SFA Commandant at or for more information. Attachments must be submitted in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. Attachments submitted in other formats might not come through the system and will not be forwarded with applications.

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