Chief of Operations, STARFLEET Medical

Works with: STARFLEET Medical Command Team, ASG’s/DASG’s, STARFLEET Medical Webmaster.

The purpose of STARFLEET Medical as a permanent auxiliary department is to oversee medical operations (fictitious) and provide assistance to Regional and Chapter Chief Medical Officers by making public health/medical information and other resources available to the members of STARFLEET. This will be via various social media outlets and is in keeping with the vision of the late-Gene Roddenberry by being dedicated to helping humankind attain noble goals and ideals and operationalize the “let me help” principle set forth in the TV series.

Description of Role:

The Operations Department is responsible for the maintenance of all records pertaining to STARFLEET Medical, including, but not limited to, the membership log, awards records, training records and website.
Operations staff are required to process applications for
i. Membership of STARFLEET Medical
ii. STARFLEET Medical awards
iii. STARFLEET Medical training certification
Operations are also responsible for the STARFLEET Medical website, working with the designated webmaster to ensure that the site is maintained and kept up to date, and for answering or forwarding enquiries received via the website.

On a monthly basis, the role will entail working with the Chief of Ops to ensure that applications for the areas above are acknowledged, processed, recorded and announced within agreed timescales. Ensuring the website is updated as required and that requests for updates from other departments are acknowledged and actioned. Answering or forwarding enquires received as appropriate. Providing data for the monthly report to the Surgeon General. Generally promoting STARFLEET Medical across the organisation.

Experience with Google Drive (or similar online file-sharing platforms).
Competence with basic MS Office packages (or equivalents) including creation and sharing of certification and documentation.
Able to prioritise workload to meet demands, and an ability to provide required data in a meaningful fashion.
Able to work individually and as part of a team

1) Be aged 18+
2) Must be a member in good standing within STARFLEET.
3) Have OTS, current SFDPP certification and ideally be working towards the completion of MDPR 101
4) Must be registered with the STARFLEET Medical in the SFI Database.
5) Ability to motivate, build self-esteem, engage, and collaborate with other STARFLEET members.

18+ years of age

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