Communication Specialists – Nottage/Case Administration

Description:  Applicants are sought for multiple positions within the STARFLEET Communications Department.  Communication Specialists are sought for positions that would include primary focus on one or more specific areas/projects within the department.  Focus of work assignments would include such areas as the CQ, print projects such as promotional materials, digital media, communications design and dissemination, social media, audio and video communications.  Current staff post holders are asked to reapply.

Duties and Responsibilities (of various different positions):

*Production/writing of content for assigned communication projects in print, digital or social media platforms (depending upon area assigned)

*Assist in the development of messaging and communication strategies

*Collaborate with other members of the Comms team or other Fleet leaders in creating materials or content for distribution

*Produce audio and/or video programs with other members of a project

*Provide technical support for audio and/or video programs to be distributed via the internet

*Assembling or formatting articles or documents for distribution

*Disseminate communications utilizing online publication tools

*Provide copywriting, editing, proofreading, or other assistive duties for communication projects

*Ensure all materials or projects incorporate the appropriate SFI branding

*Attend virtual meetings of the Communication Department and other project participants


SFI Requirements:

*Passage of OTS and all current SFDPP courses (OCC is beneficial though not required)

*A reasonable amount of time will be allowed for completion of the required courses


Skills and Qualifications:

*Demonstrable abilities above the basic proficiency level in the area of focus

*Educational background or relevant experience in one or more communication areas of work

*Strong written and verbal communication skills

*Problem solving ability

*Creativity to produce exciting and interesting content

*Organizational skills to complete assigned projects, sometimes in collaboration with others

*Ability to respond to challenging situations in a timely and professional manner

*Time management to meet deadlines

*Good interpersonal skills

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