Director of Accessibility-CS, STARFLEET

Description of Role: To educate and develop Accessibility goals across STARFLEET
* To develop a clear understanding of what Accessibility is, and how it affects STARFLEET, its Members, and future potential members.
* To undertake a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of accessibility within STARFLEET as it stands.
* To use this SWOT Analysis to devise both short- and long-term plans to strengthen and improve Accessibility across STARFLEET
* To continue to review and be knowledgeable on current changes and enhancements in technology for accessibility
* To recruit and guide a to work at Fleet, Region and Chapter level on assessing and improving Accessibility
* To work closely with other Directors of, the AB and EC, and Department heads, to implement the plan to improve Accessibility across STARFLEET including the SFA Directors
* To periodically review with the Commander STARFLEET progress made, and act on any recommendations
* To receive and review all feedback on progress, and adjust plans accordingly
Skills Needed: * Global GDPR/ SFDPP
* Working knowledge of the MHB
* Excellent communication skills
* Project management experience
Training Requirements (if applicable): * OTS
* Project management
Age Requirements (if applicable): 23+

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