Director of Recruitment-STARFLEET Office of Membership Services

Description of Role: The Director of Recruitment is responsible for developing new and innovative ways to positively promote STARFLEET via various mediums, including social media, conventions, word-of-mouth, etc; and developing and maintaining recruitment materials and templates for use by all members.
Duties include:
Designing and maintaining templates for STARFLEET informational material in the form of pamphlets, fliers, business cards, etc
Designing and maintaining templates for STARFLEET Fleet, Regional, Chapter, and Officer informational material, contact sheets, and business cards
Coordinating with Communications Social Media Specialist to use social media, including Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Discord, and others to promote events with a STARFLEET presence; showcase past and current STARFLEET community events and outreach, photos, upcoming initiatives, and member participation opportunities; and provide STARFLEET application information
Analyze recruitment initiatives and improve, as needed
Ensure recruitment initiatives take into consideration IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) and encourage application regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, etc.
Skills Needed: Written and verbal communication skills
Time management
Organizational skills
Critical thinking
Positive outlook
Training Requirements (if applicable): Completion of OTS, OCC and up-to-date SFDPP courses
Age Requirements (if applicable): 18 years +

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