Group Commander


Office of Vice Commander, STARFLEET

Description of Role

Group Commander, STARFLEET Special Operations
Description of Role
The Group Commanders are a Chief level appointment reporting to the Director of Operations, STARFLEET Special Operations. They are appointed by the Director of Operations, STARFLEET Special Operations and serve at their leisure.
A new Group Commander will be appointed for every 20 (twenty) active teams.Their primary duties include:
· Assist Team Leaders with submitting reports if they have issues or questions
· Review all incoming reports from Team Leaders
· Contact the Team Leader if there are any questions to get clarification.
· Report any issues with the reports or issues submitted on the reports up the Chain of Command to be addressed.
· Gather all submitted reports and submit their report to the Deputy Director of Operations, STARFLEET Special Operations by the 5th (fifth) of each month.

Training Requirements (if applicable)

Age Requirements (if applicable)
Must be 18 years of age and a member of Special Operations in good standing.

Skills Needed

Must be a member of SFSO/MACO in good standing

Age Requirements (if applicable)


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