Member Perks Officer-Office of the Commander, Starfleet

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Description of Role: This person of extraverted personality will work with discovering and negotiating extra benefits to the membership above and beyond what is provided by their membership dues. They will identify where perks can be most useful to the all members of SFI. They will work with outside vendors to create discounts and maintain advantages for the membership to participate in. Perks are intended to engage and provide part of the reason “Why STARFLEET?” Perks should focus on the Core Values of the current Administration promoting the concept of OneFleet!
Skills Needed: Creativity to determine what kinds of perks would benefit the members of SFI Globally. Not just in the USA.
Above average communication and writing skills
Ability to negotiate and keep current with potential perk givers to get as much as possible for a win win situation for all.
Web skills to be able to effectively communication and provide graphics to the InfoServe Web team.
Knowledge of the Mail Chimp process so that content and mailings can be generated to the membership via the Comms process.
Training Requirements (if applicable): OTS and OCC
SFDPP if determined to be needed.
Age Requirements (if applicable): 21+
We are no longer accepting applications for this position.