S-8 Finance Officer, 1st BDE, FORCECOM

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Starfleet Marine Corps

Description of Role

The 1st Brigade Finance Officer would be responsible for the management of the funds raised on behalf of the 1st Brigade – SFMC, STARFLEET International. They, along with the Brigade OIC, would be responsible for developing a system of both accounting and accountability for 1BDE funds. Your day-to-day duties could include recording financial transactions on computer systems, dealing with invoices and expenses, carrying out financial audits, creating monthly, quarterly, and annual budget reports, and presenting report findings to 1BDE staff.

Skills Needed

1) Must be in the SFMC.
2) Must be an officer of any grade.
3) A separate SFI resume with everything they have done in their time with SFMC to be attached with the application.
4) Has work MSG/MEU Staff, Battalion Staff position or higher. 

Access to PC/Laptop,
Have knowledge with Office software to include Word. Excel. PowerPoint, etc.
Good organizational skills
Have a Google email account
Facebook Messenger

Training Requirements (if applicable)

Officer Training School (OTS)
Officer Command Course (OCC)
PD100 – Marine Basic Course
STARFLEET’s Data Protection Policy 101 &102

Age Requirements (if applicable)

Application period closes 23 March 2021.
Questions regarding this position can be directed to Philip Cox at cox390@gmail.com.
Please submit attachments in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.
We are no longer accepting applications for this position.