Section 3 Chief/Deputy Chief of Fleet Gaming and Live Events-STARFLEET Tactical

Description: Section 3 is Fleet Gaming and Live events and will help coordinate and support gaming at the fleet level, region level, and chapter level as well as at conventions, both sci-fi, and gaming. The Section Chief will be responsible for organizing, running and growing the section. They will take the primary lead on shaping and growing the section within the operational parameters of Tactical.

All Section Chiefs and Deputy Section Chiefs also sit on the Tactical Council. The Council is the group that works together to run and grow STARFLEET Tactical. As a council member, you will help grow the entire Tactical organization.

STARFLEET Tactical’s main purpose is to unite and expand STARFLEET through the medium of gaming. Gaming represents an untapped vehicle to bring all of SFI together. It also presents an opportunity with a new path to grow SFI into communities which we traditionally have not engaged with.

The three core areas SFTA will focus on are
– Increasing Engagement in SFI – Tactical will create communities and context for chapters to interact with each other.
– Increasing Outreach -Tactical will provide opportunities and support for SFI to engage with new gaming communities to help grow our organization.
– Mentorship and Stewardship – Tactical will become a resource team that can help chapters and groups create and maintain engagement with their members.

**Please indicate if you are open to any of the other 3 Section Chief positions, or the Deputy Section Chief Position**

Skills: As a section chief, the ideal person will have skills in the following areas:
Live Event Coordination, Convention Management, Leadership, Organizational Management, Project Management, and Communication Skills

A passion for sci-fi and gaming conventions

A desire to support and grow SFI through gaming

Training Requirements: OTS, OCC, Current on SFDPP (within 30 days of starting position).


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