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Description of Role

Professional Development director
Would you like to be in charge of Training and developing future leaders in the SFMC. Join the SFMC Professional Development Branch. PD Director will be the key Cadre to complete various levels within a Marines career. Professional Develop 100 Basic Marine training. PD 100 Is the beginning of a marines Career. PD 130 Training the Marine MSG OIC’s to perform their duties at unit level. BDE and BDN OIC. These courses just to name a few. The PD Director will be responsible for the following responsibilities listed below. We look forward to you joining the TRACOM Team.
1. Description of Role
Primary duties involve two areas: college curriculum and student services. Directors must be able to keep their curriculum (exams, manuals, etc.) up to date, and should find ways to expand their colleges if possible. Directors must be able to grade student exams, provide certificates, and record grades in the membership database. Additionally, Directors are required to file monthly status reports and keep a personal database or spreadsheet with student grades. Assistant Directors assist the Directors with their duties and need to be willing to serve as Director on a temporary basis if needed; therefore, Assistants should be able to perform all of the above duties if required. As we are enhancing our Moodle operations, Directors and Assistants will be required to work with our Moodle team to offer exams through the Moodle system, along with other basic Moodle functions. More information relating to the duties of Directors and Assistant Directors can be found in the SAOC Manual.

Skills Needed

Skills Needed
Microsoft Office or Open Office (or similar, compatible program); previous experience with Moodle not required but must be willing to learn basic functions. Additionally, good grammar, spelling, and proofreading skills are encouraged.

Training Requirements (if applicable)

Training Requirements
OTS, PD 100, STARFLEET Data Protection Policy 101 and 102, all of the courses in the STARFLEET Academy Orientation College (SAOC), and successful test-out for the college for which you are applying. Test-out requirements will vary from college to college and are explained in the SAOC Manual. (SFDPP 101 and 102 MUST be completed before being considered for this position. Thirty days can be given to complete other outstanding exams if necessary.)

Age Requirements (if applicable)

We are no longer accepting applications for this position.