Social Media Services Content Producer, Office of Communications

Social Media Services Content Producer – Dept. of Communications
The Social Media Services Content Producer is responsible for creating original content for the various sites managed by the Dept. of Communications. Content may also be gathered from other sources within STARFLEET. Content would be directed/approved by the Social Media Services Specialist or Director of Communications. Among other duties would be to engage with comments left on created content, as well as other posts left by members of the social media sites. Instagram will be a new endeavor for STARFLEET and will be a primary responsibility of this position.

STARFLEET Requirements:
*Passage of OTS and all SFDPP courses to be current on certification. A reasonable amount of time will be allowed for taking the SFDPP courses if they have not already been taken.
*Minimum of 1 year as a member of STARFLEET

Skills and Qualifications:
*Excellent communication skills
*Two or more years of experience in social media usage and content creation
*Demonstrated understanding of social media platforms and how they work
*Exceptional time management skills and interpersonal relations (team work)
*Customer service skills
*Adept at using all features on different social media platforms where STARFLEET has a presence


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