STARFLEET Tactical (Various Roles)

STARFLEET Tactical is looking for enthusiastic games to help lead and grow this new department.

We are looking for members to help lead the department in various, overall categories:
– Role Playing Games (RPG) – Table Top, Virtual Table Top, and Online RPGs
– Board Games (including cards, Miniature war games, etc.)
– First Person Shooters (FPS)
– Virtual World
– Mobile gaming (to include asynchronous play)
– Real Time Strategy (or turn based)

In each of those categories will have a leader or two; plus all those interested in specific games within that category. The goal is to grow a department that can mentor new gamers and game managers, manage games and tournaments, and help members connect with other gamers to play. This will be a networking and ‘looking for groups’ type of department – with mentorship and other skills as well! Any multiplayer game is valid!

This will remain an open listing, and the top leaders chosen from applicants/interested members. But there is a place for all gamers here – especially if you can mentor, teach, or run a game for fellow members.

Please apply if interested, and include list of games you are interested in playing/leading/teaching!

-People skills! Gotta be able to talk to gamers
– Social media (twitch, Facebook, Discord, etc.)
– Know a game or two (or 10… or…) – Got a game you can lead – we need that!
– Familiarity with with how to reach people and communicate

– Various leaders in this department will need current SFDPP completed, should they handle membership data
– OTS and OCC is also preferable (especially for the top leaders)

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