Starship/Station Schematic Artists

Description of Role: The Department of Technical Services (DTS) is seeking talented artists to help execute engineering drawings of starships and space stations. Team members of the Office of Schematic Art will create engineering schematics from rendered or photographed images, work with groups creating new vessel designs to visualize those concepts, and extrapolate from existing schematic images to create other views that may not as yet exist. This work is both technical and creative, and requires both an understanding of Star Trek’s technology and an ability to accurately draw Star Trek space vehicles and/or facilities, either by hand or by computer.Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis from interested members. DTS makes no guarantee of how many projects may be active during any given time period. Volunteers can apply to serve in a stand-by capacity, taking on projects on a periodic basis, or may volunteer for just a single project with no long-term commitment. All that DTS seeks is a willingness to contribute and the talent to do so with good quality work.
Skills Needed: 1] Be comfortable with and possess at least a general understanding of Star Trek technology and design conventions in all eras of the Star Trek Universe in which the fictional Star Fleet operates (especially from the 22nd through 25th Centuries).2] Demonstrate competency in at least basic engineering-style drawings and schematics, either hand drawn or done using computer software.

2A] Have the ability, if drawing by hand, to scan the artwork into a digital form for transmission via the internet.

3] Have the ability to extrapolate, from a single view of a vehicle or object, what other views might look like, and draw out those extrapolations.

4] Have the ability to project from photographs, renders, or illustrations into engineering schematics, sometimes engaging in extrapolation or speculation regarding unseen angles or details.

5] Be comfortable with revising early draft drawings with additional details or tweaks to iteratively improve a design, based on feedback from others.

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