Master Chief Petty Officer

Description of Role
The position of Master Chief Petty Officer of STARFLEET (MCPOOSFI) is as follows and includes the Mission, Vision, and Values for the office of the Master Chief Petty Officer of STARFLEET.

The Master Chief Petty Officer of STARFLEET serves the Commander, STARFLEET as an advisor and sounding board for all things pertaining to the rank-and-file member – to include the nearly third of SFI that is presently within the enlisted ranks. Their duty would be to foster growth of the enlisted corps, represent the rank-and-file member to the CS in deliberations, and coordinate, and mentor regional and chapter level enlisted programs.

The MCPOSFI shall serve a term of three (3) years, to commence on the first day of the second year after the Commander, STARFLEET taking office and ending on the last day of the first year of the next Commander, STARFLEET’s term. At the conclusion of such a term, and if the sitting CS so desires, the MCPOSFI may be resubmitted to the AB for reconfirmation to serve another term.

The MCPOSFI is charged with overseeing the ceremonial aspects of SFI, to include coordination with the SFMC on honor guard and Final Mission details. While the SFMC presently hosts the training for such details, the MCPOSFI shall maintain a knowledge of capable and proficient members, who would be good candidates to lead SFI ceremonial details. Either themselves, or their appointed staff, would maintain proficiency for all SFI ceremonial events, and be able to advise the CS, Regions, and Chapters about them, and how to establish their own programs.

The Mission:
The office of Master Chief Petty Officer of SFI is to advise the Commander, STARFLEET and the Executive Committee regarding issues affecting the enlisted ranks. To be an advocate for the enlisted ranks in all Regions.
To assist and advise the enlisted of their duties.
To provide leadership and guidance for the development of the enlisted ranks of STARFLEET.

The Vision:
The vision of the office of the Master Chief Petty Officer of SFI is to recognize that enlisted ranks are an integral part of the organization and that their ideas, concerns, and needs are listened to, taken seriously, and addressed.

The Values:
Fun, Integrity, Honor, Diversity, Learning, Adventure

A background check may be required

Skills Needed
MS & Google internet and computer skills
Working knowledge of available educational services/rources in SFI
Working knowledge of h MHB
Patience and professionalism with the ability to handle difficult situations
Excellent communication and empathy skill
Ability to develop relationships with minors and parents
Strong organizational skills
Ability to identify area resources for the cadet or parent

Application period closes 7/25/24. Questions can be directed to Chief of Staff to the Commander. STARFLEET Fran Booth at

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