Sciences Chief of Communications

Description of Role
Reports to: Deputy Director, SFSCI

The Chief of Communications oversees all communications for STARFLEET Sciences. They work closely with the Directorate to develop and implement messaging that promotes the STARFLEET Sciences mission, enhances the reputation of STARFLEET Sciences, and ensures consistent and reliable communication.

Responsibilities include:

1. Managing, organizing and archiving all documentation for STARFLEET Sciences
2. Leading the organization’s social media strategy, engaging with audiences across platforms to foster community and enhance STARFLEET Sciences visibility
3. Overseeing the creation and distribution of all forms of STARFLEET Sciences media and content, including newsletters, emails, websites, social media posts, digital content, flyers, etc., ensuring consistency and effectiveness in messaging across all platforms
4. Submitting articles to SFI Communiqué on behalf of STARFLEET Sciences
5. Ensuring the minutes and attendance records are recorded and properly archived for all STARFLEET Sciences meetings
6. Other duties as assigned by the Director

Skills Needed
Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, social media, and MailChimp
Excellent communication skills
Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with a team
Ability to manage multiple projects and meet publication deadlines
Training Requirements (if applicable)
SFDPP 101 and 102

Application period closes 7/17/24. Questions can be directed to

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