Sciences Chief of Education

Description of Role
Reports to: Deputy Director, SFSCI

The Chief of Education has the opportunity to create educational content for STARFLEET Sciences as a whole, shareable to the entirety of the membership of STARFLEET International. They create engaging content on a variety of subjects to be shared by collaborating with both their team and SFSCI members. They also promote the education aspect of the sciences, highlighting opportunities in both realms and working to expand the knowledge base offered to SFSCI members.

Their Responsibilities include:

1. Creating and maintaining a list of resources and educational programming for members on a wide range of scientific subjects
2. Producing and conducting the Academy Challenges
3. Working with SFI’s Accessibility Committee to make sure projects are accessible to all membership
4. Creating and sponsoring Cadet Science projects
5. Creating and maintaining the SFSCI Certification Program
6. Other duties as assigned by the Director

Skills Needed
Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
Proficiency in social media posting (Facebook, Discord)
Ability to think creatively to develop new educational programs/materials
Excellent communication skills
Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a team
Training Requirements (if applicable)
SFDPP 101 and 102

Application period closes 7/17/24. Questions can be directed to

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