Sciences Chief of Operations

Description of Role
Reports to: Deputy Director, SFSCI

The Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) holds the third-highest position on the command staff and is designated to assume command in the absence of both the Director and Executive Deputy Director. In the event that the current Executive Deputy Director becomes the Interim Director, the Deputy Director of Operations will step into the role of Executive Deputy Director.

Their Responsibilities include:

1. Overseeing the Operations department’s activities
2. Maintain and update the STARFLEET Sciences website, Facebook page and Discord server/channel, ensuring their smooth operations
3. Address issues related to SFI emails, SFI databases, etc and collaborate with IT teams to resolve technical glitches promptly.
4. Provide various operations support for Command Staff as needed
5. Assist the Deputy Director to oversee department heads, if needed
6. Other duties as assigned by the Director

Skills Needed
Working knowledge of social media and website maintenance
Excellent communications skills
Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work on a team
Training Requirements (if applicable)
Must be current with SFDPP 101 and 102
OTS is recommended
Age Requirements (if applicable)

Application period closes 7/17/24. Questions can be directed to Director of Sciences Barb Barton at

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