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Staff Listings – Office of the Commander, STARFLEET

ec_logo_csThe Commander, STARFLEET (CS) serves as the corporate President of STARFLEET and chairman of the Admiralty Board, which is the corporate Board of Directors.  The CS is responsible for the overall administration and supervision of the Fleet, as well as representing the Fleet in an official capacity to other organizations and the general public.

All representatives of STARFLEET holding office in any appointed or elected capacity are ultimately responsible to, as well as, report to the CS or their designee.  The CS is charged with the financial well-being of STARFLEET.  They are the only member of the Admiralty Board with the authority to disburse Fleet funds on the behalf of the organization.

The CS appoints the STARFLEET Treasurer and other assistants to perform necessary bookkeeping and budgetary duties.  They are also responsible for securing an annual financial review of Fleet funds (at Fleet expense) and making the results of such an audit available to the membership.  The CS is elected by the general membership to serve non-consecutive three-year terms of office.


Commander, STARFLEET

Fleet Admiral Robert Westfall

1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext.: x701

E-mail Address:


Chief of Staff

Fleet Admiral (ret) Les Rickard

E-mail Address:

International Conference Liaison

Admiral Jerry Tien

E-mail Address:

International Conference website



Admiral Chrissy Killian

E-mail Address:

Inspector General

Fleet Captain Stephen Stott

E-mail Address:


Judge Advocate

Brigadier Mitch Dunn

E-mail Address:

Member Recognition

Admiral Linda Kloempken

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