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Much like Star Trek’s fictional Starfleet, your STARFLEET International story doesn’t stop with you becoming part of a ship. In fact, that’s just the beginning! Aside from a built-in rank structure drawn right from show and movie history that will allow you to gain new enlisted or officer ranks based on service to your ship, community, or the fleet as a whole, there are plenty of groups within STARFLEET’s hallowed halls just waiting for you to come check them out.



Comprised of officers throughout the fleet and dedicated to the leadership and growth of STARFLEET as a whole, the command track at STARFLEET Academy puts special emphasis on how to run your own ship and how to effectively recruit and maintain a chapter of STARFLEET International, as well as various other leadership-related topics. If you’ve ever wanted to sit in the big chair, command is your home with us.



Scientists from different disciplines from around STARFLEET band together to provide the member core with the latest information on science and technological development from their respective fields. The men and women of STARFLEET Sciences enhance us all through their continued, constant learning and sharing of scientific discovery. If you’ve ever wanted to share your wonder over the universe and all the things within, this is your career.



The tinkers, the doers, and the builders of STARFLEET International, the corps of engineers consist mainly of the crew dedicated to keeping STARFLEET ships running, whether that be by building and maintaining ‘FLEET websites, prop construction, uniform building, and in some cases, actually constructing sets for use at conventions. If you ever wanted to climb in a Jefferies Tube and reconfigure a replicator, the Corps of Engineers is looking for you.



Tasked with keeping a ship’s day to day efforts running and the crew on task, operations officers and crewmen within STARFLEET International are traditionally our event planners and pitchmen, people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and wrangle fifteen other crew members and see the latest movies with them, or to set up a booth at a convention and recruit new STARFLEET members. If you like people and making things happen, check out operations today!



While they are comprised of people who wish to ensure peace is kept at STARFLEET events and at our tables during cons, security is not an actual physical security force. What they are is extra bodies at the table to keep things under control for ops, who may otherwise be overwhelmed with a number of people who want to talk with someone about SFI, or they may be people posted at doors of important meetings to ensure only STARFLEET personnel are admitted. Security is there to make sure things stay in check, and to report to actual physical security staff of an event if required. If you like helping maintain order, security may be the track for you!



Dedicated healers and preventers of harm, the doctors, nurses, and researchers of STARFLEET Medical are on the job to ensure you survive yours. They are our community health and home safety group, and are oriented towards volunteer service. Medical is always in need of more hands, so if this is your passion, they may be for you.



For the more military-minded among us, the STARFLEET Marine Corps is waiting! A specialized ground combat force, the SFMC are our ever-present defense against outside threat. With a specialized uniform and rank structure and a history of fun charity events, the SFMC is a sleek outfit always on the lookout for their next recruit. If a more military-themed experience is something you’re after, the SFMC may be your STARFLEET career of choice.


Military Assault Command Operations (MACO)

When STARFLEET needs more than what Ship’s Security can handle, the Military Assault Command Operations Division answers the need. Trained to handle the most extreme situations that STARFLEET will encounter; from Alien Technology Recovery to Infiltrating a Borg Vessel to disable it, the MACO Group performs the tasks that cannot be accomplished by standard ship’s personnel.



Sometimes, STARFLEET International needs to work with other organizations or fan groups to get the job done right. The diplomatic corps make up our first contact and organization crews for this sort of thing, be it for charity purposes, co-manning a panel at a convention, or sharing space on a con floor. The diplomats specialize in contact and friendly negotiations, so if this is how you feel you could best serve the fleet, join the diplomatic corps today!



Of course, there’s always the chance you might not want to join a department at all, but merely remain a citizen of the Federation. That’s okay too. You’re still more than welcome to join our crews on their adventures as a civilian among crew, and you’ll be just as welcome at all our events and meetings!