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STARFLEET International’s Privacy Policy

(From Section 02:15 of the STARFLEET Membership Handbook)

Policy Summary

It is the policy of the organization, STARFLEET: The International Star Trek fan Association, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “STARFLEET”), that the information received from members (hereinafter referred to as “member information”) is for the sole purpose of providing membership services to the organization’s members. At no time will any member information be provided to any person or entity not authorized to possess and use the information.


Information Distribution Policy

Under no circumstances shall member information be given or sold to any person or entity outside of STARFLEET without the approval of the Admiralty Board. This approval must be in writing, providing the name of the person or entity receiving authorization, the date the approval was granted, and, if the authorization is for a limited time, the start and end dates. The only exception to this policy is in the event the information is being provided by a member of the International Staff while performing their appointed duties, pursuant to this document and/or the Bylaws, or while ensuring the daily operations of the organization are being performed.


Information Use Policy

Some members of STARFLEET are granted elevated access rights to member information in order for them to carry out their job responsibilities. Those members are expressly prohibited from using, retaining for personal use or providing any other party or entity with member information for purposes other than their specific job requires. Any member with elevated access rights to member information who are found to have misused member information may be subject to disciplinary measures as deemed necessary and appropriate pursuant to the STARFLEET Membership Handbook. The matter may also be referred to the appropriate civil or criminal authorities.

Information about STARFLEET’s chapters, including the contact information of the chapter Commanding Officers, is available on STARFLEET’s public website for the purpose of contacting the chapters to either obtain information about the chapter, or to provide information to the chapter Commanding Officer and/or to the chapter. This may be used by members for purposes which include, but is not limited to, providing information about STARFLEET services, election
campaign information, and other information deemed appropriate by STARFLEET.


Information Security Policy

In the event of an external breach of information STARFLEET will, as deemed necessary and appropriate, contact our third-party vendors to determine the nature and severity of the breach and may choose to contact the appropriate authorities to resolve the incident. A full report of the incident will be provided the Admiralty Board. Members may be contacted to advise them of the matter as deemed necessary and appropriate by the President of STARFLEET or their representative.

In the event of an internal breach of information STARFLEET will, as deemed necessary and appropriate, conduct an internal investigation of the matter in order to determine the best course of to address the incident. A full report of the incident will be provided to the Admiralty Board. The President of STARFLEET shall contact the Chief of Information Services to temporarily suspend the access rights to electronic records and/or require physical records to be returned to the President pending the outcome of actions, if any, by the Admiralty Board and/or Executive Committee.

Members may be contacted to advise them of the matter as deemed necessary and appropriate by the President of STARFLEET or their representative.


Retention of Information

All member personal information will be retained for a period of up to five (5) years after a member allows their membership to expire. All member personal information, regardless of active or expired/archived, are covered by this policy and protected from unauthorized use.


STARFLEET Data Privacy Policy

For further information on STARFLEET’s Data Privacy Policy, see