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Using the Database Member Tools

Here, you can learn how to:


Reaching the Membership Database

1. From the STARFLEET Web site click on “Database” at the top of any page of the Web site. (Fig. 1).
You may also go directly to the Database anytime by visiting (Fig. 2).

2. You are now directed to the Online Membership Database.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Logging into the Membership Database

1. Enter your username.
2. Enter your password.
3. Click Submit (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3

If you successfully entered your username and password, the screen will go black and give you a message saying you are being redirected to the Database.
(Fig. 3a).

Fig. 3a

If you enter an incorrect username or password

The database is secure, requiring you to enter your unique username and password.
If you do not enter these correctly, you will see the following page. (Fig. 4)

Fig. 4

If you forgot your username or password, you can contact the Starfleet International HelpDesk at
Please include your name and SCC number to help the staff at the HelpDesk to better assist you.
Username: Usernames are kept on file, and can be given to you, your CO or a member designated by yourself. All usernames are unique.
Password: If you forget your pasword, you will need to have your password reset.
Click on the “Forgot” button (Fig. 5) and enter your SCC number and e-mail address to have your password reset.

Fig. 5

When you log onto the database the very next time, you will be prompted to change your password to a new one. (Fig. 6)

Fig. 6

Once you have entered the old password and a new password, click on the Submit button.
If you have done this successfully, you will see the screen change to a success message (Fig. 7) and shortly thereafter be brought to the Membership Database Home Page.

Fig. 7

Membership Database Home Page

Once you successfully log into the membership database you see the home page.
From this page, you can access any tool that you have permissions to use.
All members have the Member Tools, the subject of this tutorial.
If you have other positions or responsibilities within your Chapter, Region or Starfleet International you may have additional Tools.
Looking at (Fig. 8), you can see most possible Categories:
Super User, Computer Operations, ShOC, Academy, Region, Chapter, Member, Financial, SFMC, Brigade, TRACOM, MSG/MEU, Operations, Communications.

Fig. 8

If you look closely at the Greetings section, you will see your Membership Expiration Date (Fig. 9).
If you are a chapter Commanding Officer, you will also see a note reminding you to submit your Monthly Status Report.
For more information on that, you can review the Submitting MSR Tutorial on the Computer Operations Website, under Tutorials.

Fig. 9

Member Tools

If you click on the Subject Category of Members (Fig. 10), you will see all of the Member Tools currently available to you.
As the database expands, more tools or changes to existing tools may occur.

Fig. 10

Each tool is a hyperlink that can be clicked to access that particular tool.
Some tools are simple one part tools, and others require multiple steps and opening up separate web pages to use, for example membership renewal.
You can read more about the Membership Renewal section below.

Online Renewals

With the Membership Database, you can renew online both from outside the database or while logged in.
While logged in you can ONLY renew YOURSELF and your family members.
If you are renewing yourself or your family, you can continue using the Online Renewal Tool inside the database (Fig. 11).

Fig. 11

Notice if you click on Online Renewal, you will be brought to a nearly blank page with a short line of text and your SCC number already filled in (if you’re logged in) (Fig. 11a).

Fig. 11a

When you click on this submit, the following page will open (Fig. 11b), you will see your name and address information.
Only Primary Members can renew their families. If you are not the primary member, please have your primary member log in and do the online renewal.
If you need to change who is your primary member for your family membership, please send an email into the HelpDesk, and list your name, SCC# and who should be the primary of your family membership.

Fig. 11b

If any of your information is incorrect, ex. address or email, you can click the ‘Change Info’ (Fig. 11d) button on the renewal page and a new window will be opened (Fig. 20a).
An explanation on the account info change you can find here.

Fig. 11d

Adding or Removing Members

Look below the Change Info button to the Membership section which lists your current family package. This shows what kind of membership you have.
Currently there are 2 options: An eMembership or a Standard Membership. (Fig. 12)

Fig. 12

Note, you can only have a maximum of 6 members per family membership. If you are already at 6 members, you cannot add a 7th.
The Database will not allow it.

Adding Members

If you are adding members, fill the information for each new member per ‘block’. See (Fig. 13).

Fig. 13

Notice that you can add either the new family member by the name OR by their current SCC Number.
This is very useful for the Fleet members who join families, get married, etc.
After you have added all of your new family members, you can scroll down until you see the submit button.
Before you see the Submit button you’ll see two other headers.
The first one you’ll see is ‘Donations’, if you wish to make a donation to the Starfleet scholar fund you can enter an amount here.

After the donations you’ll see an ‘Instructions’ header.
Please use this text box to advise the Starfleet Membership Processing Team of any special instructions you have for this membership renewal.
Such information could include different mailing address to use for this package, special notes on memberships, etc.
Please be clear with your notes and only use this for the specific renewal you are working on.

Removing Members

This is very simple, just remove the SCC#. After removal of the SCC# you just have to click the submit button.

Payment Instructions

Now that you have entered all of your membership information, scholarship donations and special instructions, clicking submit will bring you to the review page Fig. 16.

Fig. 16.

After clicking SUBMIT you will be redirected to the PayPal page.
After you log in, you will see on the left side ‘order view’ (Fig. 16a).

Fig. 16a

When you’ve reviewed the payment just click ‘Pay Now’. and the payment will be made (Fig. 16b).

Fig. 16b.

Congratulations, you have finished the Renewal Section of the Membership Database.

Changing your Username and Password

While logged into the database you can change your username and password.
To change your username or password, click on the link ‘Change Password’ as seen in (Fig. 17).

Fig. 17

When changing your password, you must enter it twice to ensure you entered the correct password (Fig. 18).

Fig. 18

Changing your password is instantaneous and goes into affect the next time you log in.
Changing your username requires authorization from Computer Operations (Fig. 19).

Fig. 19

The reason authorization is necessary is that each username must be unique.
If two or more members shared the same username, none of the would be able to log into the database.
Authorization usually takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days at most.

Changing your account information

By clicking on Change Account Info, See Fig. 20, you can change your membership information.
Primary members can change their name, dates of birth, email address and mailing address.
Family members can only change their names, dates of birth and email addresses.
When a primary member changes their address, this affects the entire family.
All family members use the same mailing address.

Fig. 20

Fig. 20a

Before any changes are submitted, please make sure you have a working Email address filled in.
We wish to ensure that you are receiving your Communiqué, membership materials or email traffic from Starfleet and your chapter.

Member Look Up

The Membership Database allows you to search for other members.
Using this tool (Fig. 20), you can find out basic information about each of these members.

Fig. 21.

When you enter a member’s SCC number or first and last name, click submit and you will get a list of possible members.
Choose the one you want and click ‘This One’ See (Fig. 22).

Fig. 22

Finally, you will get a listing of basic information about the member you have chosen (Fig. 22a).

Fig. 20a

Member Eligibility

This Section gives you all of your member information, included completed Academy Courses, Marine Courses and other membership information (Fig. 23).
Please note that while completed courses are being added to the database, it make take weeks for all of your courses to be entered into the database.
Ultimately, the course Director is responsible for entering all course completions into the database.

Fig. 23

Member Affiliations

With this tool, you can choose what Affiliations you have, if any, with other groups inside of Starfleet International.
By clicking on Affiliations (Fig. 24), you will notice that you may choose to be affiliated with a group, or not.
All Affiliations are set to default as Not-Affiliated with any group.
When you make a change, it will send a message to the person in charge of membership of that group.
You can also change your Affiliations at any time you wish.

Fig. 24


The Home Tool, when Clicked, will bring you back to the first page you saw when you first logged into the Database (Fig. 25).

Fig. 25

Logging Out

When you are done working in the database you can simply log out.
Look for the Log Out tool just under Home (Fig. 26).

Fig. 26

Clicking on this link will log out out of the database.