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Volunteer Resources

Below is a listing of currently open positions available in the Fleet.

Please feel free to apply to any relevant positions.
To place an open position listing, please complete the form located here

  1. Assistant Dean, Institute of International Studies-SFA
  2. Assistant Director for Formal Sciences, Starfleet Sciences
  3. Assistant Director for Natural Sciences, Starfleet Sciences
  4. Webmaster, Starfleet Sciences
  5. Region 1, 1st Brigade, Battalion OIC's for 2nd, 4th, and 5th Battalions-SFMC
  6. Social Media Services Content Producer, Office of Communications
  7. Social Media Services Moderator, Office of Communications
  8. Director, College of Laser Technology, Institute of Technology, SFA
  9. Database Services Team Leader, Office of Information Services
  10. Director of Member Retention, Office of Membership Services
  11. Public Relations Director, Department of Communications
  12. Front End Developer-Information Services
  13. Special Envoy of First Contact-STARFLEET Diplomatic Corps
  14. Master Chief Petty Officer-CS, STARFLEET
  15. Section 1 Chief of Tabletop Gaming-STARFLEET Tactical
  16. Senior Operations and Targeting Officer-STARFLEET Intelligence
  17. Senior Collections Officer-Point of Contact-STARFLEET Intelligence
  18. Senior Collections Officer-Species-STARFLEET Intelligence
  19. Senior Ambassador for Sectors-STARFLEET Diplomatic Corps
  20. Starship/Station Schematic Artists
  21. Social Media Director-SFI Diplomatic Corps
  22. Publications Team-SFI Diplomatic Corps
  23. Section 3 Chief/Deputy Chief of Fleet Gaming and Live Events-STARFLEET Tactical
  24. Web Design and Development Director-STARFLEET Corps of Engineers
  25. Assistant Branch Directors (Various Openings)-SFMCA
  26. Assistant Director-SFA (various college openings available)
  27. Region Assistant Surgeon General - Select Regions, STARFLEET Medical
  28. Deputy Region Assistant Surgeon General - Select Regions