Regional Assistant Surgeon General

Region Assistant Surgeon General (various regions)
Office of Vice Commander, STARFLEET
Description of Role
The Regional Assistant Surgeon General is a role in STARFLEET Medical that acts as a liaison between the chapter Chief Medical Officers, Regional Staff and STARFLEET Medical Command. The position is not a position in regional staff, although the Regional Coordinator is consulted as to this appointment)

Responsibilities include:
* Contribute article to each issue of the Hypospray Newsletter
* Posting medically relevant articles to the STARFLEET Medical Facebook page (at least once a month)
* Maintain and administer their Region’s STARFLEET Medical ASG Facebook page (approve new members, approve new posts, pass on communications from STARFLEET Medical Command, announce awards achieved by regional members, etc.
* Participate in and promote others to complete STARFLEET Medical Training Programs
* Maintain the Region ASG SFI email account
* Help coordinate STARFLEET Medical fleetwide projects
* Promote STARFLEET Medical on a regional activities e.g. organise first aid training, encourage discussions about health topics, etc
* Submit a report to STARFLEET Medical Command once every 2 months

Various regions: Please check the Current Serving Officers page on the STARFLEET Medical Website:

Skills Needed
* good organisational skills
* good communication skills
* understanding of how to use Facebook (ability to use discord would also be highly regarded)
* understanding of how to use google drive
Training Requirements (if applicable)
Should be working towards the completing the following courses:
* STARFLEET Data Protection Policy (SDFDPP 101 and 102) and to maintain their recertification each year.
* Officer Training School (OTS)
* MDPR101 Introduction to Human Medicine (for AFMD certification)
* Participation in STARFLEET Medical Training Programs
Age Requirements (if applicable)

Questions can be directed to David Yee at

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