Chief of the Diplomatic Corps-VCS, Starfleet

The Chief of the Diplomatic Corps, known as the STARFLEET Chief Ambassador, is responsible for establishing concrete, mutually beneficial relationships with organizations with similar interests. The Chief Ambassador will act as the initial primary liaison between STARFLEET and other fan organizations within the science fiction and pop culture fandom community. The Chief Ambassador is also responsible for forming community partner relationships with entities such as recurring conventions, science centers, space-related venues and organizations, and charities and nonprofit organizations – this list is not exhaustive. The Chief Ambassador is expected to develop these relationships internationally. Additionally, the Chief Ambassador oversees the operations of the Diplomatic Corps, ensuring its members uphold the organization’s values and objectives in all diplomatic endeavors.


Job Duties:

  • Network with event managers and hosts when attending conventions
  • Network with fandom-based groups when attending conventions and events
  • Contact local organizations, seek out and develop partnerships; determine how STARFLEET can support their missions and visions
  • Build a staff of Regional and local diplomatic representatives to facilitate networking on an international level.
  • Facilitate meetings between the Commander/Vice Commander, STARFLEET and the leadership of organizations of interest
  • Determine charities and nonprofit organizations that STARFLEET can partner with and/or sponsor
  • Maintain a database of events, on an international level, where STARFLEET can participate, network, and recruit
  • Collaborate with the Director of Membership Perks on establishing perks between organizations such as memberships, sales discounts, free/or discounted attendance at events, and more


Skills Required:

  • Exceptional Communication Skills: The Chief Ambassador must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey STARFLEET’s message and engage with external partners.
  • Diplomatic Acumen: A keen understanding of diplomatic protocols, cultural sensitivities, and negotiation techniques is essential for building and maintaining productive relationships with other fan organizations.
  • Leadership and Team Management: The Chief Ambassador should demonstrate strong leadership qualities and the ability to inspire and motivate team members within the Diplomatic Corps.
  • Networking Abilities: Proficiency in networking and relationship-building is vital for expanding STARFLEET’s presence and influence within the broader science fiction community.
  • Strategic Thinking: The Chief Ambassador must exhibit strategic thinking and foresight to identify opportunities for collaboration and navigate potential challenges effectively.
  • Interpersonal Skills: The ability to interact positively and respectfully with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives is crucial for successful diplomatic engagements.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: The Chief Ambassador should be adept at identifying issues, analyzing complex situations, and implementing effective solutions to address diplomatic challenges.
  • Knowledge of Fan Community Dynamics: An understanding of the dynamics and trends within the science fiction fan community is advantageous for representing STARFLEET’s interests and staying informed about relevant developments.
  • Event Awareness: The Chief Ambassador should possess a keen awareness of upcoming conventions, fan events, and gatherings relevant to STARFLEET’s interests. This includes staying informed about the schedules, locations, and themes of various events within the science fiction community and being knowledgeable about which fan groups, organizations, and communities are likely to attend or participate in these events.

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