Director of Diversity

Description of Role
The Director of Diversity will work closely with the Commander of SFI and be able to recognize the differences in cultures, abilities, ideas, philosophies, backgrounds, and histories that exist among individuals. The Director should be able to work with all members to ensure everyone has access to the same rights, opportunities, and resources. As the Director you should understand that a persons ethnicity or identification individually and as a group is based on characteristics such as shared history, ancestry, language, and culture. Your responsibility will be to help promote understanding and inclusion. To help bring together members from all walks of life with various viewpoints across all departments and levels in the organization. The Director should have a basic understanding of social media and be willing to recognize and promote events globally that may impact o be of interest to the membership.
Skills Needed
Having a diverse skill set means having an expertise in multiple areas to include the following:

Must able to approach problem-solving from multiple perspectives
Have increased adaptability
Able to Keep up with global regulations
Internet access and knowledge
Working knowledge of google docs or MS Office

Training Requirements (if applicable)
Any related Academy courses
Related memberships or likeminded positions held
Any trading in soft skills including anger management
Age Requirements (if applicable)

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