Director of Member Retention-Office of Membership Services

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Description of Role
The Member Retention Director is responsible for developing and monitoring activities to maintain member interest and morale, monitoring member feedback, and recommending new and revised policies, strategies and process improvements.
Duties include:
Monitoring STARFLEET social media channels to pulse member concerns and suggestions
Maintaining a repository of general member grievances (not at the Inspector General level), concerns, and improvement suggestions
Working with leadership to maintain a zero-tolerance bullying policy on and remove toxicity from social media channels
Assisting Regional and Chapter Leadership with escalating issues to leadership and ensure timely follow-up
Developing programming and activities that boost member morale and encourage positivity and camaraderie
Sharing relevant events for member participation to all STARFLEET social media channels
Monitoring and determining reasons for lapsed memberships
Soliciting feedback from members who have chosen to leave STARFLEET
Skills Needed
Written and verbal communication skills
Time management
Organizational skills
Critical thinking
Positive outlook
Training Requirements (if applicable)
Completion of OTS, OCC and up-to-date SFDPP courses
Age Requirements (if applicable)
We are no longer accepting applications for this position.