Historian (Director of Historical Archives)-VCS, Starfleet

Description of Role
The Historian/Director of Historical Archives serves as the custodian of STARFLEET’s history and heritage, ensuring the preservation, documentation, and accessibility of historical records and artifacts related to the organization. The role requires a deep appreciation for STARFLEET’s legacy and history and a commitment to safeguarding its historical narrative for current and future generations of members.

Key Responsibilities:

-Archival Management: Oversee the organization, categorization, and storage of historical documents, photographs, videos, and other archival materials in both physical and digital formats.
-Record Keeping: Maintain accurate and comprehensive records of STARFLEET’s milestones, events, Commanders, conferences, and notable achievements throughout its history.
-Research and Documentation: Conduct thorough research to validate historical information and narratives, ensuring accuracy and authenticity in all archival materials.
-Publication and Dissemination: Collaborate with leadership and general membership to compile, edit, and publish historical content for dissemination through official STARFLEET channels, including newsletters, websites, and social media platforms.
-Outreach and Engagement: Promote awareness and appreciation of STARFLEET’s history among members through educational initiatives, presentations, and outreach activities.
-Collaboration and Coordination: Work closely with other departments, committees, and auxiliary units to support their historical research needs and integrate historical perspectives into organizational initiatives and projects.
-Reporting Skills: Will provide a report to the VCS to report on active work projects for inclusion in the monthly CSRs and/or CQ.

Skills Needed
-Proficiency in archival management principles, techniques, and best practices.
-Strong research and analytical skills, with the ability to evaluate and interpret historical sources critically.
-Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with experience in editing and publishing historical content.
-Familiarity with digital archival systems and software, including database management and digitization technologies (SFI Currently uses the Google Suite for digital archival)
-Attention to detail and organizational skills, with the ability to maintain accurate records and manage complex archival collections.
-Knowledge of STARFLEET’s organizational structure, history, and cultural significance within the science fiction community.
-Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and establish effective partnerships with internal and external stakeholders.
-Commitment to upholding professional standards and ethical practices in archival work.

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