INFOCOM HR Administrator, SFMC

Description of Role
STARFLEET Marine Corps Information Command (INFOCOM) is looking for an Administrative Assistant to assist the Information Command team. The person will work with the DCOINFOCOM -Admin on Onboarding & Offboarding of personnel, SFDPP Compliance (new hire compliance & annual compliance) and other administrative tasks that are assigned by the COINFOCOM or DCOINFOCOM’s

Time put into this position would be open-ended. We are looking for a minimum commitment of 5 hours a week. This commitment could vary depending on current tasks before INFOCOM such as a compliance audit.

Skills Needed
* Working knowledge of Office Software. We primarily use Google Office (Docs, Sheets, & Slides).
* Must have good grammar & spelling
* Comfortable working in a collaborative team environment
Training Requirements (if applicable)
* We ask that you take the following courses:
STARFLEET Academy: Officer Training School (OTS)
STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy: OD100, OD102, OD151 PD100, PD130 UOS100
* All current SFDPP requirements must be satisfied.
Age Requirements (if applicable)

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