SFMCA Support Coordinator, SFA

Description of Role
This position is open to any SFI Member in good standing and who meets the requirements.

SFMCA Support Coordinator Duties:

• Update the ES Staffing Spreadsheet with SFMCA staff changes, college opening/closing and cc’ing ES SC if the information didn’t come via the SFA/SFMCA Services Google Email
• Submitting monthly Campus SC report to ES Support Coordinator by the 10th of each month
• Routine audits of SFMCA Staff Information, preferred emails, and college information

Skills Needed
Familiarity with:
• Google Drive Folders
• Google Sheets (Excel)
• Word processing program (Word, Notebook, etc.)
Training Requirements (if applicable)
Support Coordinator Job Requirements:
• All 100, 200, and 300 level SAOC courses
• Must take OTS
• Must take SFDPP 101,102, and all refresher courses
• SFMCA SC must take PD-100
Age Requirements (if applicable)

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